Hey guys, one of my favorite types of posts to read on other people’s blogs are the posts where the writer shares a little bit about their life. I enjoy being able to connect with them on a more personal basis so I thought I’d share some fun facts about me in this post.

1. I work at a bank that is closing soon and I’m going to need to find a new job. (prayers please)

2. I still live with my parents, I have a younger brother, and 4 dogs (yikes, crazy I know).

3. I have an iPhone 5 with a very cracked screen and a missing home button lol

4. I enjoy reading but rarely make enough time to do it.

5. I drive a VW Jetta that’s manual and I just bought my first dirt bike in December.

6. I just graduated college in May with a Psychology degree but don’t know if I’ll ever really work in that field.

7. I’m very shy and prefer to hang out by myself or with my close friends or boyfriend rather than go out any day.

8. I can’t wait to be in the stage of my life where I get to buy my own house, get married, and have children – although I am learning to be content with where I am in my life also.

9. For some strange reason I am unable to finish the bottom of any drink. There is usually multiple water bottles in my room where there is only about 2 sips left in them. My boyfriend usually combines them all into one water bottle when he comes over.

10. I love coffee and tea and will probably end up having a whole cabinet devoted to them when I have my own house.

What about you guys? I’d love to hear fun facts about you 🙂

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