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So today is day 12 of the blog-tember challenge and what I’m learning is I’m more awful at following this blogging plan than I had originally thought I would be lol but I’m back today and the topic is a “Currently” post.


Reading: The Mingling of Souls: God’s Design For Love, Marriage, Sex & Redemption by Matt Chandler. Matt Chandler is such a great pastor, I listen to him online sometimes and this book has been just as great. He has a way of writing in a really interesting way, and the topic is something that’s very interesting to me. He’s going through Song of Solomon and it’s been really helpful.
Playing: catch up on sleep. Two weekends ago I traveled home from an airport that was 6 hours from my house and last weekend I was in Maryland and woke up at 4 AM to drive home on Monday morning because Tommy had to work so not having any weekends to just relax and recuperate has really taken a toll on me.
Watching: Bates Motel. This is the show Tommy and I have started watching since finishing Friday Night Lights and it’s insanely suspenseful but kind of freaky and weird sometimes so I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone unless you like that sort of thing lol I didn’t realize it was like that until I started watching so now I’m hooked and can’t stop
Trying: to start eating healthy and start working out regularly. We’ll see how this goes
Cooking: nothing at the moment. I keep thinking about getting up to get a bowl of cereal though
Drinking: a nice cup of coffee 🙂
Calling: I was just recently on the phone with my cousin, confirming plans to hang out later
Texting: Tommy, of course 😉
Going: to get up soon to get ready to go for lunch
Loving: the season I’m in with my relationship with Tommy and that fall is upon us! I went hiking yesterday and the leaves were so orange and already starting to fall, so exciting
Hating: the stress that I’ve been experiencing lately. I feel like God’s trying to teach me to be content in all circumstances, even when things that I thought were going to happen actually don’t. This has been super hard for me because I love knowing what’s going to happen and having a plan for everything and tend to get pretty cranky when things don’t go as planned but with God’s grace I’ll learn to be content even when they don’t – knowing He knows best and His plans are better than mine anyway
Discovering: how sinful I can be but how amazing God’s grace is in those moments
Thinking: about how this is taking me longer than I had thought and that I really need to get up to get ready lol
Feeling: a million different things. anxious, excited, happy, confused, all of the above
Hoping (for): a more peaceful week
Celebrating: that this is the first semester I haven’t had to go back to school!! so much more free time
Ordering: a case for my Kindle. I’ve been just keeping it in my purse and I’m really worried it’s gonna break

So this has been what I’ve been up to currently. I really am going to work on posting more regularly, I hope this will serve as a little bit of excuse as to why I haven’t really posted all that much (If not, I’m sorry). I am still planning to write a post about my Bahamas trip. I just want to really have a lot of time to do that to make sure I really show how awesome it was and I think there’s even a day in this challenge that it will fit in with so maybe you’ll just have to wait till then to hear about it 😉

What have you guys been up to lately? Anyone dealing with anything I am or have any tips for dealing with stress or being content in all situations? Also how do you manage to post regularly, I could use some tips on that too. I would love you hear from you 🙂

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  1. Olivia Knight

    September 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    Loved this post!<3 So glad I found your blog through the blogtember challenge, and your design is gorgeous.

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