I’ve never done a post like this but figured it’s as good a time as any since my 25th birthday is on Sunday. I honestly almost completely forgot about my birthday this year. I feel like after you turn 21, there really isn’t much of a change anymore. But still, this is my first birthday as a married woman so it is still exciting!

Since working from home, I have had a lot more time to read new blogs and just research more things in general. Most of these wish list items have actually come from doing just that. I have been able to learn more about health and wellness. I’ve also learned that I have a desire to learn how to do my hair differently, and even try some makeup tutorials.

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My Wish List Items

    • Miraqueen – I saw this on a new blogger that I recently came across, Blair and I watched her tutorial on how to use it and it and it just makes the most perfect curls. I really want to learn how to do more things to my hair so I think this is a great start.
    • Essential Oils Young Living Starter Pack – Of course everyone has heard of essential oils at this point, but I have been wanting to look more into them for the past year or so. I finally took a leap and took an online class over the past few days and I am hooked and have not even tried them yet! I can’t wait to get a starter pack.
    • Personalized Notebook – I just came across this the other day as well. I just got the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley for Christmas and this notebook matches the planner. I have been wanting to get a newer, more personalized notebook, but I have been writing in one for the past year and can’t justify spending money on a new one until the one I’m writing in fills up. But if someone bought it for me for a present then it’d be more than fine! 😉
    • Blanket Scarf – I’ve always, always loved this pattern. I saw a scarf just like this before Christmas at Target and loved it. I absolutely adore scarfs in the colder months, they just keep me so warm. I haven’t bought a new scarf in a while though and this one is right up my alley.
    • The Magnolia Story – I found the show Fixer Upper on Netflix probably about 6 months ago and absolutely fell in love with Chip and Joanna. They’re just too cute and are so awesome at what they do. Then I found out they were Christians and I knew I just had to read their book when it came out. I had this one on my Christmas list as well.
    • DSLR Camera – I’ve always been interested in photography, and actually wanted to take a class in high school but never actually did. I think it’d be so much fun to have a real camera and learn how to use it. I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I honestly usually have no idea what I want for my birthday or for Christmas when someone asks me. I’m surprised I was even able to make a list like this, haha. Guess I’ll have to send it out to my family now, since for once I actually know what I want! 😉

What is still on your wish list from Christmas?
Have you made a birthday list yet for this year? What’s on it?

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