Hi Everyone! Meet Tommy, my other half/the best guy out there.

I wanted to write about something a little more personal this time and something I’ve been struggling with this past week.

I wanted to write about idolizing someone in a relationship because I haven’t been able to find too many posts about this topic and my hope is to help others that might be struggling with this as well.

What I’ve come to learn about this is that it is much easier to idolize a relationship than I had originally thought. In the past I have been in relationships that were not pleasing to God and I thought that because of that sole fact was what made me idolize those relationships since I had replaced them with following what God had wanted for my life.

But I’ve been dating Tommy for 8 months now and we both have realized that even though are hearts were in the right place (we wanted our relationship to be centered around Jesus) that didn’t mean that it was just going to happen by itself. We realized that this meant that in order for our relationship to stay centered on Jesus we needed to be intentional about it.

So me and Tommy sat down and wrote a practical list of how we were going to start doing this. Here’s our list – 4 ways to keep your relationship centered on Jesus:

4 ways to center your relationship on jesus

Now we only made this list last week, so we are starting out small to make sure that we don’t set unrealistic goals for ourselves but my plan is to hopefully build on it once these things become habits for us. I think the most important thing we did though was to ask Jesus for help with these goals because we know that without His grace there’s no way we can do this.

Oh and I almost forgot, after we finished making the list we came up with two other ideas that we thought might help us. We decided that it was important for us to make time for ourselves and make our friends more of a priority so that we have more to focus on besides of each other.

But how about you guys? Does anyone else struggle with this/have any other tips that might help?

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