If you’ve been reading along with my blog for any time at all you might know that I absolutely love, love, love coffee. That’s an obvious one I think, but did you know that I also love tea? I think tea is great because it’s so healthy and it really helps me stay hydrated throughout the day since it’s so yummy. I really love learning more about the bloggers that I follow so I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite teas that I drink. (And in case you didn’t believe me that I love both tea and coffee, let me share with you what my cabinet looks like. 😉 As you can see, our coffee and tea collections keep growing and overtaking the rest of the shelves, pretty soon this whole cabinet will be filled with only coffee and tea, haha!) This post contains affiliate links.

5 of My Favorite Teas

1 | Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha

This tea is mine and my husbands absolute favorite tea. We drink it almost every day. There’s also a Decaf version too, which I buy most of the time. It tastes great with just a little bit of honey. It has a nice light flavor on its own, that’s really refreshing along with spearmint, which I think is what makes it amazing.

2 | Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital Energy Tea

This is another one of my absolute favorite teas. It has such a great taste if you love mint. I think it’s absolutely delicious and it has almost as much caffeine as coffee, but gives you energy without making you feel all jittery. If I drink coffee in the afternoon I usually get very jittery, but if I need a little boost, I’ll reach for a cup of this instead. I’ve given it to a few people at work and they loved it as well.

3 | Yogi Tea Calming

I think it’s obvious what my favorite brand of tea is. 😉 (And no Yogi Tea is not sponsoring this, haha!) As it says on this box, it really, really does help with anxiety. To be honest with you, it’s not my favorite flavor, though it’s not that bad either, but I mostly drink this tea just for help with anxiety. I am a total skeptic when it comes to whether or not things like this work with anxiety, but this tea totally does. It kind of puts you in a zen mood. I love it.

4 | Yogi Tea Stomach Ease

I only just started drinking this when I get an upset stomach, but it really helps me feel better. It has a combination of different types of herbs, such as ginger, that really help settle my stomach when it’s upset. Again it doesn’t really have the greatest flavor, but it really works! I have a sensitive stomach, so when it’s acting up I brew a cup of this tea and sip it slowly, and usually by the end of the cup my stomach is feeling better.

5 | Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea

Last but not least, the tea I drink before I go to sleep. Because of the chamomile, this tea really helps me to get sleepy right before bed. I usually drink it about an hour before bed, because otherwise you’ll wake up having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Also I get very hot at night and drinking hot tea doesn’t help that either, so if I drink it about an hour before I bed I can cool off too. It has a really yummy flavor because it is mixed with peppermint and I just love peppermint.

So those are my favorite teas that I drink regularly. Which one sounds like it would be the most fitting for you? Do you have certain teas that you just love? I’d love to hear suggestions, I’m always looking for more yummy teas! 🙂

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