I’m sorry to temporarily turn this blog into a marriage blog but I’m just so excited about the idea of marrying my best friend I can’t help but keep writing about it. Although I’m sure there will be many marriage posts to come, I want to assure you there will be others that do not involve marriage as well. Marriage just happens to be one of my favorite topics.

I was reading an article before on what to look for in a husband (found here if you’re interested) and I can’t get over how much I hit the (future) husband jackpot. I wanted to share the list and also include how I see theses traits in Tommy – well for one to brag a little about how awesome my man is because I really do not let him know how awesome I think he is enough and also to encourage those of you who might be still looking for your husband. I’ve shared how I have compromised on this list before and it really did end badly and I want to encourage single girls that there really are men out there who do meet these standards and they are more than worth the wait.

6 things not to settle on when looking for a husband followed by reasons why I love my fiancé 😉

  • Don’t marry a man with no ambition or courage: Tommy is one of the most ambitious guys I know. He works full time at a car dealership and then later comes home and lovingly serves me and a few times a week works with his dad to learn how to weld at night. He is smart with his money and makes responsible decisions that benefit our relationship.
  • Don’t marry a man who is not morally pure and morally strong, or a man who is inconsistent in his character, or a man who lacks spiritual, intellectual, or ethical depth: Tommy is a man who will not compromise his morals even when it is hard. He never pressures me into doing something that is against what God would want us to. Also, his love is sure even when I doubt him. He constantly assures me of his love for me which points me to God’s love that never changes.
  • Don’t marry a man who doesn’t have a life-plan that makes sense: Tommy has a few life plans that I seriously love. His short term plan right now is to become a welder and I am so excited to watch him grow in his plans with this because I just know he’s going to do so well. He also has a few long terms goals that I would love to see brought to fruition and am so lucky that he chose me to help him and be apart of them.
  • Don’t marry a man who is looking for a mommy: This one is kind of funny but I know that Tommy loves me for me and isn’t just looking for someone to have a family with. I know he respects me as a woman and really encourages me to use my strengths well.
  • Only marry a man who will love you sacrificially, will provide for you adequately, will grant you refuge consistently, and can be trusted explicitly: I touched on this before but Tommy really does love me sacrificially and is always observant as to how I am feeling. He constantly puts my needs before his own and he truly is a place of refuge for me. He is my safe place that I run to when things are rocky and just being near him makes me feel safe because of his unwavering love for me.
  • Only marry a man who has demonstrated in deep and passionate ways that he loves Christ, and wants to be a godly husband: This is the most important one. If Tommy didn’t love Jesus and wasn’t pursuing his relationship with Him first then he would never be able to do all these things well because Jesus gives us the ability to do things that He asks of us well when we are putting Him first in our lives. I know that Tommy loves Jesus because the choices that he makes shows me this. I also know that he wants to be a godly husband because he has already started showing me how he will be one by putting my needs before his own.

If you’re struggling to believe that you could ever find a guy who would have these characteristics please know that I have been there too. I went through a really dark time, believing that God didn’t really care about what I wanted because He was making me wait but trust me when I say that the waiting process is so important and He will give you the desires of your heart if you honor Him first.

When all you have is Jesus you learn Jesus is all you need.

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