Hi friends. I hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been wanting to write a day in the life post for a while now, but I can never remember to take pictures for it. I decided to just use all of the pictures from over the course of a few days and try my best to show you what a normal day looks like for me. Although that’s tough in itself because I don’t usually do the same thing every day. But I will try my best.

I’m also writing this post because I love reading other bloggers day in the life posts and because I want to document what my life looks like right now so I have it to look back on. I did another Day In The Life post back in September of 2015. You can check that out here, it’s so fun to look back and see how different my life is now!

8:00-9:00 AM

I usually wake up anywhere between 8 and 9. I’m trying to train myself to wake up earlier but it just doesn’t seem to be working right now, haha. So I wake up around then and always make myself coffee first then sit down at my desk and plan my day. On this particular day I spent 4 hours cleaning. I usually try to read or do yoga every day, but it definitely doesn’t happen that often.

Next, I always spend time reading my bible and finish drinking my coffee. The way I’ve been doing this for the past year and half or so is just to read straight through the bible. I’m currently on Jeremiah and typically read 2 chapters a day. Sometimes I journal about what’s going on in my life, but usually only if I haven’t in a while or if something big just happened and I want to document it.

Next, I’m trying to get into creating a habit of praying for Tommy right after I finish reading my bible. If I don’t do it right then, I usually will forget to do it. It’s been working too. I’ve prayed for Tommy the past few days because of this system. I use the prayer outline that I wrote here on the blog as a guideline. (You can find that here if you’re interested. I also have a How To Pray For Your Marriage guideline here.)

9:00-11:00 AM

I don’t have a picture for this part of my day but I usually will “get ready” and eat breakfast before I start working. I wrote about how important I found both of these things to be in this post. Basically every day I eat Cheerios because I actually hate breakfast, haha. I just eat it because if I don’t I feel really icky. Getting ready usually consists of me straightening up the house as well (making the bed, straightening up the living room, etc.).

After I’m finished getting dressed and eating I will usually write a blog post. I try to stay at least one day ahead of schedule but sometimes that just doesn’t happen and I end up writing that day’s post that morning, which I’m learning to be okay with. I want to get better at this though because when I wait for the same day to write it, I feel so much more stressed. My day goes much smoother when I’m at least a day ahead of schedule.

Oh and usually during this timeline I will also get caught up on reading other bloggers posts for that day too. This is one of my favorite parts of the morning!

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Yesterday during this time I made a grocery list and ran to the store because my cousin and her boyfriend came over for dinner. I stayed very busy and made this bread and banana bread for when they came over.

I was listening to music the whole time I was cooking and it made it so fun. I already enjoy cooking so when I have some music to sing along to, I have so much more fun.

2:00-5:00 PM

Tommy came home around 2:30 and this is always the highlight of my day. I am obviously home by myself all morning so it’s a nice change of pace when he comes home. We talk and catch up on our days and usually eat lunch together.

This day we had frozen pizza. Some days we have leftovers, and others we make breakfast. It’s really nice to be able to spend most of the day with Tommy.

I then went back to cooking because I had to cook the actual meal for that night (since I had already made the bread and dessert).

I was following a recipe off of my computer, which is very typical of me. For this night I was following the Beef Bourguignon that Jen Hatmaker wrote in her book For The Love. It wasn’t quite as good as she made it sound haha but it wasn’t bad. It could also have been because I didn’t have a dutch oven but oh well!

This is what the kitchen looked like while I was cooking. We then cleaned up (Tommy did the dishes because I told him it was his turn because I had already done them 3 times that day haha and we do not own a dishwasher.) Then we relaxed for a few minutes until my cousin and her boyfriend came over.

5:00-8:00 PM

My cousin and her boyfriend were over. I didn’t take any pictures because I don’t like being the person to make people pose for pictures but I might have to get over that so I can better document my days. We ate dinner and dessert and just sat at the table for most of the night talking. It was really nice.

This was what the yummy banana bread looked like. It was Cinnamon Streusel Banana Bread. I found the recipe from my all time favorite baker. You can find the recipe here if you’d like to make it. Oh and it’s also Paleo so it’s pretty healthy too!

9:00-10:00 PM

We had coffee and tea and then Nichole and Emil (her boyfriend) left. Tommy and I watched an episode of How To Get Away With Murder (we usually watch Netflix before bed) then headed to bed around 10ish.

I wouldn’t say this is a typical day for us since we don’t usually have guests over for dinner, but everything besides that part of a day is a typical day so I guess it’s kind of close to what a usual day would look like. The morning was a very standard one for me and we 99% of the time end the day with some Netflix.

What does your typical day look like? If you have a blog written like this, share the link below. I love reading about other people are up to and how similar (or different) their day is from mine.

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  • Awww you put the biggest smile on my face calling me your favorite baker!! Hope the banana bread was a big hit 🙂

    • My husband and I are your BIGGEST fans!! We looove the banana bread! I also have a whole blog post dedicated to your s’mores brownies. 😉 We make them at least once a month! 🙂