Hi friends. I just wanted to stop by and share a little bit about what I’ve been up to since we got engaged. I still plan to share our engagement story – I actually wrote it all out in my journal and just need to copy it into a post but I’ve been so busy.

I really do have good intentions to start writing more often but I think I just need to postpone those goals just a bit until I am not so busy especially with planning a wedding now.

What I’ve been up to:

  • The Monday after we got engaged I had my ring re-sized and they said it will take 2-3 weeks 🙁 I’m really hoping it’ll be back by Christmas so I can show my family.
  • Tommy and I have set a tentative date for the wedding – around May or June. We originally wanted to get married in June but the venue we are interested in only has the end of May open so that’s fine with us.
  • We visited the venue on Saturday and we really like it. We are going to go back next Saturday and hopefully set the date and book it.
  • Tommy and I both played hooky Friday and all weekend (shh don’t tell anyone). It was tons of fun and so sad to be back at work.
  • We started setting up our wedding registry! This has been the most fun. It’s so much fun getting to envision how our life will look once we’re married.
  • Oh! and Tommy bought a car yesterday!! Finally – we’ve been looking for one for him for months. This one is a really good deal so we’re really excited.

I didn’t even realize how much we’ve done since we got engaged until I just typed it all out. This time in our life is so so exciting – I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. I am incredibly grateful for how God has showed up in this time and continues to amaze me in all the ways he’s providing for me and showing me how much he cares about me.

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