So I just wanted to drop in today and remind you guys how GOOD God really is. If you’re following along with my story at all you’ll have read my post back in July about how God really answered my prayers in an amazing way. Check that post out here if you missed it πŸ™‚ Just to summarize in case you don’t feel like going back and reading, I wrote about how Tommy’s dad let him know that he would be able to get him a job at the quarry that he works at early next year, which ultimately meant for us that we would be able to start our lives together which was really exciting.

I wanted to write this post today to tell you guys that today is Tommy’s first day at the quarry! I’m literally so excited for him and didn’t even realize how much bigger of a blessing this is than I had originally thought. I went back and read the post again and I had forgotten that Tommy’s dad had told him that he didn’t think he would be working with him until early next year.

Tommy’s still working at the same job he was during the day, but is working on a special job at nights with his dad. The start of the special project is such a blessing to us because it made it possible for Tommy’s dad to get him the job there and it gives us the opportunity to save more money. I’m so insanely thankful for Tommy and his desire to work both these jobs so that we will be able to start our lives together. We’re both so so excited about the thought of it.

Lately I have been feeling the presence of God so much and just know that this is exactly where He wants us to be. I’m so excited for my future and for where He is leading me. On a normal day, before Tommy started work with his dad we would hang out and have dinner together – if neither of us had plans with friends and now I’m not too sure when we’re going to have the time to hang out. It’s obviously going to be much less than were used to and I’m a little sad about this but know that it is more than worth the sacrifice.

I’m going to use this time so really strengthen my relationship with Jesus and work on being the person He needs me to be. I also wanna strengthen my relationships with my friends as well. I want to spend more time blogging and start writing consistently. And I also want to start working out again. I also joined an online bible study – we’re going through the book of Ephesians and I’m really excited about that and starting tomorrow I’m attending my first ever small group! I’m equally excited and nervous about this. I’m a very shy person and have been putting off joining a small group because the idea of making friends is a littleΒ a lot scary to me if I’m being honest, but I feel like I’m in the place where I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone into greater things. I’m excited for this group because it is held at the house of the leader of the group that I serve on at church as well and I loved meeting this woman and the best part is that the group is going through a book that I already wanted to read on my own! That’s how I knew that this was the right group for me, and because they meet every other week so it’s a little less commitment and a little less scary than every week haha.

But yeah, so that is where I’m at in my personal life – I would appreciate prayers for both Tommy’s job and the small group if anyone would mind praying πŸ™‚

What’s going on in YOUR life? I would really love to know and would love to pray for you as well. Leave a comment or email me – ! I would really love to hear from you and be friends. πŸ™‚

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