Hi friends. It’s been a while, I just wanted to drop in to explain why. When I first started this blog, I had NO idea where it would end up. I had no idea if I would write more than one post. I had no idea if anyone at all would read it or if I would get bored really quick and just never write again. This blog has already way surpassed my expectations for it. I started this blog because I started reading a few other lady’s blogs and slowly fell in love with the idea – the idea of sharing my life with others and giving advice to hopefully help a few other girls along the way and save them from the mistakes I’ve made.

What I’ve slowly learned though is that blogging is such a huge community that I never knew existed and once I found out that this community of women were out there I put so much more pressure on myself. I would read other women’s blogs and feel that I needed to post as much as them, or on a specific schedule like them, or about a specific topic like them – well because I loved their blogs so if I wanted one just as great I should probably follow along in their footsteps right? What I’m learning is that the answer to that question is no. No I don’t have to follow along with others because even though I love reading what they’re doing doesn’t meant that I will love writing that way.

Writing is such a new thing to me and I’m still developing my passion for it so I decided I really needed to stop putting so much pressure on myself to do it or I would completely lose interest in it. And that’s exactly what I was doing, I was putting so much pressure on doing as well as others and gaining followers and finding people who liked me that I forgot what I was here for in the first place.

I desire for this place to be a place of encouragement, a place where you can come and hopefully through some amazing grace of God – get to know a little bit more about Jesus – and also maybe follow along with my life as well. I’d love to be your friend and follow along with your life too, even if you don’t have a blog (email me!). Jesus hasn’t let me forget about this little place though, even when I was putting so much pressure on myself, so I have a feeling that there’s a reason for that. I have such big hopes and dreams for this place. Just writing again now (even though I haven’t taken that long of a break) feels so refreshing. I’m so happy to be back. Jesus has also done some amazing things in my life in just this past week alone and I can’t wait to share! I feel like a new person.

So all that to say I want to get back on track, and only write when I have words to say – when I have something meaningful to share. Not write when I feel like I have to or feel like I need a post like so and so’s. I want to be authentic and real and share my heart with you guys so in order to do that I need to take the pressure off and just be myself. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it but it’s okay if you don’t. I’m growing closer to Jesus along the way too so if that’s all that results from this page, that’s fine too.

Hopefully you’ll stick around, I’d love to get to know you 🙂

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