Hi friends! I promise I’m going to really try to post more things on the blog besides just bumpdates but this past week really got away from me! I don’t have a bump shot exactly but I have already taken my 16 week one and can’t wait to share that with you guys next week. Not too much has changed over the course of a week but there are a few things to update you on so here goes. 🙂

Size of the Baby: An orange – about 4 inches

Total Weight Gain: about 3-4 pounds depending on when I weigh myself

Gender: Our anatomy ultrasound is now less than a month away – on August 21st and I seriously cannot wait. Most days I think the baby is a girl though.

Symptoms: Honestly this week was pretty awesome. After reading last weeks update I realized that I’m not peeing as often, which is nice haha. My stomach had a bit of an issue in the beginning of the week but seems to be back to normal now. Oh! Also the day I turned 15 weeks, I woke up and read the update on my pregnancy apps like I always do when the weeks change over and all my apps mentioned that bloody noses were a common symptom this week. Literally 5 mins later I got a bloody nose! It was so strange but I only had the one so that was good.

Movement: I THINK I felt the baby move on the last day of this week! It was so subtle but it really felt like the baby pushed up on the outside of my belly. Every so often there’s a hard bulge where I’m pretty sure is the baby! It’s hard to tell but has been really cool still.

Sleep: I’m happy to report sleep has been a lot better this week! I had a few nights where my body just really didn’t want me to sleep on my sides so I had to sleep on my back which was weird because I’ve been sleeping on my sides just fine before that. It thankfully seems to have passed though and I am back to sleeping on my sides. I’m actually really surprised with how well my body adjusted to this because in the beginning it was really hard. I also had 1 or 2 nights where I had a bit of insomnia, where I’d wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and couldn’t go back to sleep but that seems to be getting a lot better too.

Missing: Nothing this week!

Exercise: I haven’t started exercising yet. I’ve been pretty tired a lot of days this week so that really deters me away from wanting to exercise. I fully intend to start next week though.

Tommy is: so supportive. He’s been running to the food store for me all week picking up dinner and different cravings I’ve been having. He’s so great.

Looking Forward To: Feeling the baby move for sure!

Best Moments: Feeling a lot more normal and getting to enjoy coffee again!


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