The weeks are seriously just flying by! This makes me both excited and nervous haha but mostly excited. I already cannot wait to meet this little babe. So this week was pretty uneventful so I’m not sure I’ll have anything too different/exciting to share but I still want to document this time. So let’s recap week 16 shall we?

Size of the Baby: An Avocado! About 4.6 inches

Total Weight Gain: 4 pounds

Gender: Still unknown until August 21st but I was reading through last weeks update and I was saying how I felt like the baby was a girl and well I sort of feel like the baby is a boy this week! Obviously I really don’t know though haha can’t wait to find out though!

Symptoms: Some days I still get really bloated if I eat a lot that day. I definitely had some days of fatigue still but those seem to be fewer and farther between, which I am very thankful for! One day this week I had so much energy though and I got SO MUCH done around the house. It was so nice. Not too much going on this week!

Movement: Same as last week. Sometimes I feel a hard spot on my belly where I’m pretty sure the baby is but I can’t be too positive. I also think I feel little flutterings when I lay down at night. I can’t wait until I know FOR SURE it’s the baby though.

Sleep: Still continuing to get better and better also. I’m still having some insomnia after waking up to go to the bathroom around 4-5 am but it’s usually about 30 mins vs the 1-2 hours it was before so for that I am thankful.

Missing: Having regular energy for sure. I really hate the days where I’m feeling super fatigued and have no motivation to do anything besides sit on the couch. I’ve been back to drinking coffee more regularly and sleeping better though so I’m hoping this will get even better over the next few weeks.

Exercise: I am sad to report that I did not end up following through and working out this past week. It was a really busy week for Tommy and I, which is really just an excuse lol but is also true so I am going to give it another try this week.

Tommy is: working so hard to bring in extra money for the baby. He’s been doing side jobs a lot this past week and has been working so hard!

Looking Forward To: Still finding out the gender – exactly 3 weeks from today woohoo!!

Best Moments: Just hearing Tommy say that he can’t wait to be a dad. I can’t wait to see him be a dad also!


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  1. Mary Leigh

    July 31, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Such a fun time! Soak up every little bit. It is really wonderful when you can feel them move! Best wishes for the anatomy scan! That is my favorite visit!

    1. Ashley Zinhobl

      August 12, 2017 at 11:23 am

      Ah thank you!! I can’t wait for the anatomy scan!

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