You guys. Today is exactly two months from my due date. Holy cow, how did this happen?? I’m so excited to meet our baby boy and it seems with each passing week things just seem more and more REAL. I’m also freaking out just a bit too because I’m actually going to have to birth this baby soon! Let’s see how the past two weeks have gone.

Size of the Baby: At 30 weeks, baby was the size of a Zucchini – about 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds!

Total Weight Gain: Weight: 123 – up 20 pounds. It seems that the weight gain has finally started to level out and I did not gain anymore weight over these past two weeks. (Which is a relief because I was putting on weight very quickly over the past month or so. I think baby went through a growth spurt!)

Symptoms: Still kind of the same old symptoms, which I’m not complaining about! Pregnancy insomnia. Muscle cramps in my calves. Feeling quite heavy.

This isn’t a symptom but I did get a cold when I was 29 weeks. That wasn’t fun and I was sick for probably close to a week, but it wasn’t that bad. I managed to get by without taking any medicine and just rested a lot. I think this may have had to do with not gaining weight as well because I wasn’t eating quite as much as I would have been if I was feeling more normal.

Movement: So far a few times this pregnancy so far it seems like the baby has turned himself sideways in my belly and then his kicks and punches get so much more intense. The weekend when I turned 30 weeks he did this and all weekend long I was feeling super crazy movements!

Tommy is: really excited about becoming a dad! Also super glad that all of the painting is finally done in our apartment, haha.

Best Moments: Tommy took me up to Lake George for a small little babymoon. It was a super nice relaxing weekend getaway. We may or may not have binge watched Stranger Things 2 while up there. 😉

We also took Maternity Pictures this week as well! It was just a mini photo shoot that I actually got a great deal off of Groupon for. I honestly just wanted a couple special pictures from this time to remember it by, and I also wanted one really good one for our Christmas cards!

Looking Forward To: Organizing all of the baby things we got from our baby shower! We had that yesterday (when I was actually 31 weeks) and we are so, so blessed by our friends and family. They went above and beyond for our little family and we got so many things that we needed. (I will probably do a whole post just about the baby shower in the near future.) Now just to organize and figure out what we still need! My fav!

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  • Elizabeth Kay

    We are also having maternity photos done! I agree, I don’t need many, just a few nice photos before we’re a family of four!

    • They’re so special to have and look back on! As long as there’e a couple good ones, especially one for Christmas cards, that’s all that matters! 🙂