Hey friends! I had a rare moment of actually really wanting to blog today so here I am. It’s been really hard to find the motivation amidst such a huge change in my life. I am technically 40 weeks pregnant as I write this, even though I’m not recapping this week, and we are still waiting for baby. I am only two days past my due date but we are hoping he’ll come soon. Please pray that I don’t have to be induced and that labor and delivery would go well. I am quite nervous about it. Thank you for all the support you guys give me as well. It means so much to me!

Size of the Baby: At 39 weeks baby was the size of a pumpkin – about 7.23 pounds and 19.9 inches!

Total Weight Gain: 32 pounds as of last Wednesday!

Doctors Appointments: At my 36 week appointment I was tested for GBS and that came back negative, which I’m really happy about because I hate antibiotics.

At my 39 week doctor’s appointment my doctor checked to see if I was dilated at all and I wasn’t. I also had this done at my 36 week appointment, which didn’t hurt at all but at the 39 week one it hurt so badly. I’m really hoping I go into labor before Wednesday so I don’t have to have that done again. 😵

Symptoms: Nothing too much that’s new to be honest. I have had Braxton hicks contractions still, most of them coming at night but nothing to get crazy about. After my 39 week cervical check, I had a lot of them the next day and I could have sworn I had my bloody show, but now that it’s been 4 days I’m thinking it was only because of the cervical check and didn’t actually mean baby was coming.

My hips have been really sore at night. Mostly early morning. I will wake up every hour or two after like 4 or 5 am and have to switch sides because they ache so badly.


Stretch Marks: Nope!

Nursery: I know I mentioned that I was going to do a nursery reveal and I really hate to be the blogger who says they will do something and then falls flat on their words. I still have every intention of sharing his nursery (and name!), I’m just not exactly sure when at this point. I want to say this week but it is baby week so I don’t want to make any promises! Even if I end up sharing his nursery after he’s born, I will definitely still be creating a post about it.

Tommy is: patiently waiting for baby along side me.

Best Moments: Probably Christmas. We had a great Christmas this year at my in-laws. They are all just as excited as we are to have this baby come. Tommy also made me this really thoughtful gift – a bulletin board of all of our special moments during this pregnancy. I love it so much.

Looking Forward To: Baby Zin’s birth! I still am in shock that it is just around the corner to be honest.

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram and don’t want to miss out on his birth announcement, then click here and wait patiently (or not so patiently if you’re like me) for when he’s born! I’ll definitely be updating over there first before I’ll get to show up here.

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