As promised I am back again today for the real Blog-tember post for September 3rd.

Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!

Netflix: It’s only fitting that this one’s first because we’ve done A LOT of lounging and watching Netflix this summer but it was exactly what I needed after a crazy busy spring from the wedding and all. For most of the summer if not all we’ve been addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.

The Beach: The beach has always been my favorite place to be and Tommy fell in love with it this summer too so it’s been a really sweet time getting to go to the beach together and having so much fun.

Recipes + Pinterest: I’ve learned of my love for cooking this summer since getting married and I’ve had so much fun finding new recipes on Pinterest, making a shopping list, going shopping and making a new dinner.

Making Budgets Using Dave Ramsey’s Budget Worksheet: I seriously love, love, love making budgets and seeing exactly where our money is going. It’s so satisfying to me and has made us able to be able to take weekend trips to the beach knowing that we can do it responsibly and not spend money that we shouldn’t be spending. It also helps you see in the beginning of the month how much extra money you will have and then you’re able to not spend it frugally.

Trying different kinds of coffee: I’ve always loved coffee but this summer I experimented with trying different kinds and learning how fun that is. This was also the summer that I got Tommy to actually like coffee. SO EXCITING.

So there you have it. Our summer doesn’t sound all that exciting but it was exactly what I needed and wanted. A slower paced time where I can recharge from all of the business that is wedding planning. What have you been up to this summer?

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