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4 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Centered on Jesus / Meet Tommy!

Hi Everyone! Meet Tommy, my other half/the best guy out there. I wanted to write about something a little more personal this time and something I’ve been struggling with this past week. I wanted to write about idolizing someone in a relationship because I haven’t been able to find too many posts about this topic and my hope is to help others that might be struggling with this as well. What I’ve come to learn about this is  ...

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Trusting That God Really Is Good…

This is something that I struggle with on most days if I’m honest. I’ve gone through some tough things throughout my life and sometimes I blame God for allowing these things to happen. I mean don’t get me wrong I know “logically” that God is good. I am completely thankful for the fact that Jesus died for me. It’s such an amazing truth, but sometimes I struggle with really grasping that truth and keeping it  ...