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Self Care

5 Ways To Refresh For Spring

Happy Spring friends! Boy am I glad to finally say that it isΒ spring, even ifΒ there is still snow outside! As I mentioned in my post about surviving the winter, I just knew that this winter was going to be a rough one. And while it didn’t turn out to be too bad when it came to how the weather was, it was definitely a tough one when it came to my mood. I always have a hard time staying positive and happy after winter drags on for  ...

Faith, Self Care

Be Gentle With Yourself

Since I am posting a lot more lately, I want to be intentional about what exactly I’m writing about. I could easily turn this into just another blog about what I think people want to read about. But that’s not why I started this blog. I started this blog in hopes to bring light to what a great Savior we have, and share about what I am learning from him or just what he is doing in my life. With that being said, I am going to make  ...