This feels like a silly post to write but I really enjoy reading these types of posts from others. I’m telling myself that you guys might enjoy reading this then, haha. Actually, let me know which types of posts are your favorite! Do you enjoy faith-based ones, marriage ones, or ones that are just updates of my life (like Friday Favorites or What’s Up Wednesday ones)?

Over the past few weeks I have created a cleaning schedule that I’m hoping will be a good fit for the home that we live in now. Great timing on that too because we move out the end of April! We actually know where we are moving after this though and this cleaning schedule should work there as well. (Fingers crossed!)

Four Hours Of Cleaning? Yuck

Up until a few weeks ago I would clean our apartment all in one big sweep. I would wait until I felt like it needed to be cleaned, then would spend all day cleaning. Our apartment is roughly 1000 square feet, so it’s not big by any means. It would take me about 4 hours to do a really good deep-clean from start to finish. I really didn’t mind doing this but I wanted a system where I didn’t have to stop basically everything for the day to do it. Because let’s be real here, I wasn’t going to get much more done after cleaning for 4 hours. I was exhausted. So I decided to try to figure out a system where I would be able to do a little bit every day.

Cleaning A Little Every Day? I Don’t Know…

I didn’t set up a system like this before because I hated the idea of only cleaning a few rooms every day. I felt like I would never have a completely clean house. I love the feeling that you get after sitting down on your couch, after cleaning for 4 hours, knowing that everything is clean. Do you know that feeling I’m talking about? I just felt very accomplished and happy that everything in my house was sparkly clean.

The system that I put into place still has me feeling like that without cleaning for 4 straight hours. It’s truly a great thing, haha! 😉 There are two days of the week where I am actually cleaning the house (rather than doing things like laundry), and I try to do those back-to-back so that there aren’t days in between when I cleaned two different rooms. I say try because a lot of the time this doesn’t happen – I’ll clean two rooms on Monday, and then the other rooms on Wednesday or Thursday. But if this is a concern of yours you can make sure that you clean them back-to-back.

The other thing that helps with making sure that the house feels completely clean is I try (again) to clean each room once a week. Before I probably was cleaning them anywhere from every 2-3 weeks. Cleaning them every week keeps the dust from really building up and everything just constantly feels clean all the time. What a great thing! (Well besides the floors, because hardwood floors are the worst to keep clean!)

My Cleaning + Laundry Schedule

Day 1: Clean bathroom + bedroom

Day 2: Clean kitchen + living room + dining area

Day 3: Laundry: Clothes

Day 4: Laundry: Bed Sheets, Towels, or Tommy’s Work Clothes

I love how this schedule is written out. I didn’t use days like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. because I know myself and I won’t want to clean the bathroom and the bedroom every Monday. Some days I have a lot of blog stuff to do or I got a bad night of sleep and won’t want to be that active. With this schedule I can choose to not clean at all that day (since there are only 4 days to clean) or I can choose to do an easier task – like towels. This system works great for me because then I don’t have the guilty of “I was supposed to clean the bedroom today, but didn’t”.

I also love how the laundry days are super easy. I used to let the laundry pile up too and the have to do 2-3 loads of it every other week or so. With this system it’s great though because it’s just a little bit to do every week. Smaller loads of laundry make me happy. Especially since our washer and dryer are not in our apartment!

The reason why the fourth day has multiple types of laundry is because we don’t need to wash our towels, sheets, or Tommy’s work clothes every week. We can get away with doing these every 2-3 weeks.

\\So I’d actually love to know, what is your cleaning/laundry schedule? Do you wait and do everything in one day or do you try to break tasks up into bite size chunks?


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  1. Mary Leigh

    April 3, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    This is a great post! It is helpful to see what others do. I need to write down my schedule, too! I have a kind of schedule in my head, but I think that writing it down would be really helpful in keeping my week organized!

    1. Ashley Zinhobl

      April 4, 2017 at 10:25 am

      It was definitely helpful for me to write it out. It gives you more accountability. If you happen to write a post about it I would definitely like to read it. I love learning silly things like this about others. It somehow helps me get into my own routines and stick with them.

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