I am most excited to answer this one – Tommy and I are doing a Paleo diet this week (and hopefully will stick to it afterwards). We went shopping for everything we needed on Sunday which was SO FUN and have been faithfully sticking to it so far this week.


1 banana + 2 eggs w/ onions and broccoli + water + coffee


I’m honestly having so much fun prepping these meals, way more fun than I’ve ever had cooking before. The first picture was my breakfast on the first day and these salads and healthy snacks I prepped on Sunday night after we got back from food shopping. I’m planning on doing just a post on our Paleo journey at the end of the week so stay tuned if this is something you are interested in!


Currently not too much. I’m still in the middle of Gossip Girl which I love but it’s starting to get very redundant honestly. Tommy and I actually started Friday Night Lights over again because that was one of our favs.


The comfiest of comfy work clothes. Since most of the building was laid off at the end of December, there isn’t really anyone here to see what I’m wearing so I’ve been very relaxed and been dressing very comfortable.

Also! Tommy was the sweetest thing ever and bought me a long jacket that I have been needing, wanting, and wishing for all winter (because I don’t really have any nice warm ones). He surprised me on Valentine’s Day and I absolutely love it. I can’t find the exact one but it looks a lot like this:



Still planning the wedding obviously. I went for my first dress fitting last night! And on Saturday we get to go to the cake tasting. We also need to do some song research and finalize the guest list this month. This month has been a lot easier and laid back in terms of planning so it’s been nice.


I’m currently reading both of these and I’m seriously loving Barefoot. It’s such an interesting but sad story. It has me hooked and I can’t wait to see what happens. Changes That Heal is really good too but it’s a hard read. It helps you realize things you are doing wrong so it’s not a book you can just plow through.


As cheesy as it may sound, I’m just loving life right now. Life has been pretty good to me lately and I’m really trying to appreciate that. God seems to have everything under control and I’m loving seeing him lay out our next steps.

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