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Reading// I am currently rereading the Harry Potter series and am on book one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m also reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker, which is a really light, funny read and am really enjoying it. I’ve also been reading plenty of blogs of course! (Probably spending most of my time doing this over the books.)

Watching// Tommy and I just recently finished How I Met Your Mother, and just started watching Parenthood after seeing many people talk about how good it is. I’m really enjoying it. It’s a nice show to sit down to at the end of your day.

Trying// To really stay on top of my household chores this week. I usually put them off until I absolutely have to do them, but then I end up doing 5 loads of laundry at once, or cleaning the entire house in only one day, and this just wears me out and I’m usually dead for at least the next day or so. So instead of that, this week I’m trying to do one small thing each day, like today I cleaned the bathroom. Let’s hope I stick to it the rest of the week.

Cooking// This past weekend I cooked Sweet and Sour Chicken for Tommy’s birthday. It’s one of his favorite meals. It’s definitely different from what I normally cook so it was fun to do something special for his birthday.

Eating// Extra light today because my stomach has been feeling kind of funny. Although last night we went out to Olive Garden and I had my favorite, 5 Cheese Baked Ziti. Yum. Tonight we had chicken soup!

Drinking// Homemade sweet tea! So delish. I’ve also been drinking lots of hot tea today too. 

Pinning// New, yummy recipes. I love getting dinner recipes from Pinterest.

Going// To start planning our vacation to Florida soon! My cousin called me and asked if I’d be interested in taking a vacation to visit my grandparents when she has spring break so that’s what we’ll be doing in April and I am so excited. We are definitely going to plan on going to the beach at least once during the week because come on, just look at how nice the beaches are in Florida!

Loving// All the free time Tommy and I have now that I’m not working full-time. It’s been great spending so much time with him without the stress of having to worry about when I’m going to get everything done.

Hating// That adjustment periods can be really tough sometimes. As much as I love getting to stay home and work, it does come with getting used to it, and I am struggling a bit some days.

Discovering// New vlogs! I’ve been watching Blair’s vlog and am loving it. I also want to try to find other’s vlog’s as well. I’m finding them to be so fascinating. Let me know if you know of any good ones!

Thinking// About a lot of things. I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes in our life and deciding how I feel about them.

Feeling// Hopeful. Even though I may be feeling a little lost because of the huge transition from working full-time to staying home, I am hopeful that I will get used to it and love it. Tommy prayed for me about this at dinner tonight and it really helped.

Hoping// That spring would hurry up and get here. Although I really can’t complain about the weather. It’s been such a mild winter this year. I just really can’t wait to be able to do things outside again.

Listening// I’m really excited to start listening to Podcasts. I have a few lined up that I think I’m going to love. I just need to find when is the best time for me to do it. Maybe daily as I work on those household chores that I’m trying to commit to! That should help keep me on track.

Celebrating// Mine and Tommy’s birthdays!! Tommy’s was Saturday and mine was Sunday, and they were a lot of fun. It was also our eight month anniversary on Sunday too. We’ve had lots to celebrate this month!

Smelling// The slight lingering odor of bleach. Yuck! I accidentally bought a shower cleaner with bleach, and would normally never use bleach to clean. But I was all out of shower cleaner and I figured it couldn’t be that bad, but boy was I wrong! Our apartment is very small and there is barely any ventilation, and absolutely none in the bathroom. So what that meant was that the entire apartment smelled so strongly of bleach we actually had to leave for an hour because it was so awful and killing our heads. The tub is now sparkly but that is the first and last time I clean with bleach. #nothankyou.

Ordering// My Young Life Essential Oils starter pack soon!! 

Thanking// God every day for this life that he has so greatly blessed me with. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much he has blessed me.

Considering// Starting an Etsy shop with hand painted coffee mugs (like this one below) and maybe eventually t-shirts! I really hope this happens!

Starting// Thinking about how to actually start the Etsy shop and what supplies I need for it.

What are you up to, currently?

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