Hey friends, I decided to skip over my bumpdate for this week and combine the last two weeks again because there’s not much to update as of right now! I haven’t done a “currently” post since April of this year and SO much has changed since then. (Moving out of our first apartment, finding out I’m pregnant, moving into our new apartment.) If you’re interested in what life was like back then, check that post out here.

E n j o y i n g / The last few months of it just being my husband and I. I’m so excited to have our little guy join our family in just three short months (😱), but I’m also a bit sad that my time with just Tommy is coming to an end. Going to soak up all the time we have together now!

R e a d i n g / Honestly, nothing much. I fell off the reading train and can’t seem to get back on. I usually prefer to watch YouTube videos during my free time. Hopefully sometime soon I can prioritize that again.

W a t c h i n g / Tommy and I have been re-watching How I Met Your Mother at night before bed. This is one of our absolute favorite shows to watch together. I want to stick to light-hearted, funny shows right now while being pregnant because I don’t think my emotions can handle any real drama haha.

L i s t e n i n g / Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke just re-launched their Podcast, Love That Lasts, and I’ve been listening to that every week. I’m really loving it. One week they talk about just their life and answer questions from listeners and the next week is like a documentary series about marriage. It’s super interesting.

P r e p p i n g / For baby of course! We have finished painting the nursery, bought and assembled the rocking chair, dresser, and crib! I can’t wait to show you guys in my next bumpdate.

P i n n i n g / I haven’t been pinning much lately – just some dinner recipes that I want to try.

L o v i n g / The start to the fall season! I just recently (within the past few years) have fallen in love with fall. We went apple picking this past weekend and it was so much fun.

E a t i n g / Lots of cinnamon oatmeal in the mornings. I figured out how to make really yummy homemade oatmeal (let me know if you’d be interested in the recipe) and I’ve been eating it a lot lately. It’s so yummy and fall themed. 🙂

F e e l i n g / Pretty emotional lately. I feel like my hormones are starting to amp back up now that I’m approaching my third trimester. I just feel like I’m starting to feel everything a lot more intensely recently. It’s probably from all of the changes happening as well.

M i s s i n g / Our old apartment 😔. Reading my April currently post reminded me of how sad I was to move out of that apartment. While I am grateful to have two bedrooms in this one, I still really miss that space.

D i s c o v e r i n g / New YouTube channels. I never really used to be into watching YouTube until I got pregnant. Now I love to watch mommy vloggers and things like that. If you have any suggestions, please comment them below!

A n t i c i p a t i n g / The birth of our baby boy, duh! 😉

D r i n k i n g / Pour-over coffee. I’m not sure if that’s its official name but I have started using our pour-over coffee maker instead of K-cups (because we ran out) and it’s been so yummy I haven’t wanted to switch back.

F i n i s h i n g / My baby registry! My baby shower should be in about a month and I’m so excited to keep preparing for baby.

What have you guys been up to? Comment below, I’d love to know. 🙂

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  • My hubby and I have just made the decision to try for a baby! It’s exciting but I’m getting so impatient, so I love your reminder to soak up the time you have just as a married couple before baby arrives. Hope you’re able to do this over these next few months.

    • Oh my gosh Bella that’s so so exciting!!! I will definitely be praying for you guys! <3 Everything changes the second you see that positive pregnancy test, so definitely soak up the time that you guys have now before baby. It's a hard balance for me to try to not focus 100% on baby and spend QUALITY time with my husband but I'm really trying!