Today’s Blog-tember post is a “Currently” or what have you been up to? These are my favorite posts too!


Reading: I’ve gone on an accidental reading hiatus like I normally do. For some reason I can’t seem to stay consistent when it comes to reading but being on vacation has helped a lot. My mom bought the seventh Harry Potter book and I’ve been reading that. I’m still unsure of how I feel about it.
Playing: monopoly and all the board games! That’s what vacation is for!
Watching: Grey’s Anatomy of course! I’m trying to not watch any Netflix this vacation I think and read more. (Also part of my September goals.)
Trying: to read more, eat better, and work out more. All the good things.
Cooking: nothing at the moment but I do need to create our food plan and budget for this month.
Eating:  all of the unhealthy things like chips, processed food, and more chips.
Drinking: some awesome coffee from a small mom and pop coffee shop right down the road from our hotel.
Calling: no one, who has time for calling people.
Texting: also no one. I only ever text my family and they’re all here with me now 🙂
Pinning: yummy new recipes!!
Tweeting: nothing. I haven’t used Twitter in a good while.
Going: to the beach today! The weather looks like it finally cleared up – I’m so excited.
Loving: this last vacation before fall starts and spending time relaxing with my family.
Hating: that we only have two more days 🙁
Discovering: that not everyone loves the beach like me and it’s mind boggling.
Thinking: about the start of fall and how excited I am for it.
Feeling: slightly sick but hoping it will pass because I want to enjoy today.
Hoping: that the rest of vacation we will have good weather and that time will go nice and slow.
Listening: nothing at the moment.
Celebrating: the possible new job that I am going to start in a few weeks and how good God is.
Smelling: salty ocean air 🙂
Ordering: hopefully some more cute decor for our apartment (I see some cute fall decor in our near future.)
Thanking: God for this time I get to spend at the beach with my family.
Considering: the new job and if it is a good fit for me despite being slightly risky.
Starting: to look forward to fall and the crisp fall air (just as soon as we get back from this vacation!)

So as you can see I have vacation and the beach on my mind. Sorry if that’s all I talked about lol but that’s currently what I’m up to. What is everyone else up to? This month I’ve re-found my love for blogging because of the Blog-tember Challenge, hosted by Bailey Jean. Come join us!

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