Today’s topic is not something that I would normally write about on my blog but I’m determined to stick to writing every day so here goes nothing.

When I think of birthday’s I don’t really remember too many of them to be honest. I remember when I was younger I used to have all of my friends over for a “Sleepover Party”. These were the highlight of my winters, as I did this every year for probably a good 5 years. Every once and a while there would be a huge snow storm (because my birthday is January 22) and some friends wouldn’t be able to make it and I would get really upset. As fun as these birthdays were I don’t think I would consider them my most memorable though.

My most memorable birthday was probably when I turned 18 I believe and my best friend and boyfriend at the time threw me a surprise birthday party. I had thought that nobody really cared about my birthday up until then because I had tried to plan something myself and all of my friends told me they were too busy. I was so upset. So me and my best friend decided we were going to just go out to eat together to celebrate and she surprised me when all of my friends were at the restaurant. I felt so special and loved that day. I don’t have any pictures from the day but I still remember how special it was.

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  • robbear13

    The story of your most memorable birthday is delightful. Thanks for sharing it !