Hey. Hi. Hello. Let’s recap my November goals shall we? I did not do well at all but I honestly knew when I wrote them that I kind of overdid it this month.

  1. Attend our new community group for the whole month. I’m gonna say we did this halfway. We went to two meetings, one was cancelled and one we skipped. But not bad.
  2. Read God’s word every day.
  3. Workout in some way 2-3 times a week. Ha not even close.
  4. Celebrate our first married Thanksgiving.
  5. Redo the floors in my moms house. Decided to wait on this one till next year.
  6. Go on our weekend getaway to Maryland! So much fun!
  7. Order our Christmas cards!  Can’t wait to get these.
  8. Buy TV stand for living room. I have to post a picture of this. Tommy built it this week and it looks so good.
  9. Get back into reading, read one book. I guess we can count this although I only finished the book I was reading but whatev.
  10. Stay off of social media on my phone. Nope. Also not even close.
  11. Clean out closets. Did one thanks to Tommy!
  12. Blog once a week.
  13. Study 1 Corinthians w Tommy every week. We did one week. We’re so bad at sticking to things we say we’re going to do. Sad.
  14. Do our couples devotional once a week. Also nope. We need to get ourselves together. But we have been praying together before dinner consistently and that has been very nice.
  15. Start Christmas shopping/make a budget for how much we can spend on gifts. Already have about half of my shopping done I think!
  16. Continue taking at least a half an hour lunch at work. No, didn’t do this either. Wah.
  17. Decorate for Christmas!🙂 YES and I’m so excited to show you guys all the decorations.
  18. Chop down our own Christmas tree. Nope but we did try so I’m counting this one as a yes. We went to a place to chop down your own trees but the trees sucked so we ended up buying one that was already cut. I need to do more research so we can do it next year. I was really looking forward to that.

I didn’t do quite as bad as I thought I did. But I’m a little disappointed because all of the harder goals were the ones I didn’t do. Oh well.

December goals!

I only have two for this month because I want to stay focused on my relationship with Jesus and growing that during advent.

  1. Complete the She Reads Truth Advent study.
  2. Rest. Well.

I have already started the Advent bible study and I’m super excited about it. It’s already shown me so many truths already. Maybe during the month I’ll share some things I’m learning. And for the second goal, I realized the past few months I’m overworking myself trying to be a good employee and also a good wife at home but I need to get better at giving myself breaks. I get burnt out very easily so I want to focus on avoiding that for the rest of the year.

What are your goals?

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