I haven’t posted goals since November and to be honest and real I didn’t actually work on the goals I posted in November really either, but I want to be more diligent about bettering myself and I want to commit to write goals each month and post them to keep myself accountable.


  • start working out 2-3x’s per week
  • continue making healthy lunches
  • find more healthy recipes
  • drink lots of water


  • Research songs for wedding
  • book the baker
  • continue premarital counseling
  • read another marriage book


  • post at least 2x’s per week
  • comment on other blogs
  • write a guest post


  • make a budget for February
  • save at least 350$


So there yah have it. I want to work more on my health because I can be super lazy when it comes to working out and eating healthy. I want to continue working on planning the wedding obviously. We decided we liked the idea of doing an ipod playlist rather than a DJ because then we get to pick the songs and save so much money too. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips when it comes to this? I also want to make sure I’m not just preparing for the wedding but for our marriage too. I usually set pretty unrealistic goals for myself and get really discouraged when I don’t meet them but I think I did a good job at setting realistic goals this month and I’m really excited to tackle them.

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