Just wanted to drop in and share a little about what’s going on in my life. Today I had a GREAT day. I’ve probably gone a few months without really seeing any of my friends because we all seemed to be really busy and our schedules never seemed to match up. So I was really excited to hang out with my friends today. I had a girl’s sleep over with my cousin Nichole last night, which was great because it was just continuous girl talk. So my morning started out hanging out with her and lounging, which is always awesome in my book. Once she left, I went to the mall with my other friend Brooke and got three new shirts woohoo. Now I have a shirt to wear for thanksgiving yay. I finally got myself to the gym after and I am now relaxing after making dinner for myself and my mom. Pure bliss. Ps. I’ve been spending time in my bible in the morning for at least the past five days and I really see this day as a blessing from God. I’m really starting to see the results of how putting Him first opens the door for Him to really give back to me.

But anyway, that’s not the real reason I wanted to write this blog post. Those things were pretty awesome though. The real thing that I wanted to share is something I realized I was doing.

What I realized was that I tend to be very emotional sometimes and I didn’t realize that I felt some shame in that. Girls are just known to be emotional and I think that’s how God made us to be honest. We just feel things very deeply and sometimes society puts a negative connotation on this. I didn’t realize, but I wasn’t allowing myself to really feel certain feelings I had. I would think about them first and decide if I was “supposed” to be feeling this way. First of all, how crazy is that? Who decided if we are or aren’t allowed to feel any certain way. There isn’t a right or wrong way to feel. But anyway, I realized I had let something that happened come between Tommy and I because I had never allowed myself to feel the feeling and accept it and move on. Instead I buried it deep down and it caused me to act in a negative way because I never came to peace about the situation.

I wanted to write this post to encourage anyone who maybe didn’t realize they were doing this to think about it. Make sure you aren’t telling yourself you aren’t allowed or aren’t supposed to feel a certain way. There is no right or wrong way to feel and I think it’s important that we realize that. It’s important to accept however we feel so that we can work through the feelings and come to peace with whatever it is and move on.

Does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Have you ever felt shame in a certain feeling? Maybe because those around you weren’t feeling that way or because society made you think that the feeling wasn’t okay? I’d love to know.

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