I want to be honest with you guys and say that I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now but it seems really impossible to try to recap the last three months all into one blog post. I feel like I probably am going to forget things that I want to include but I’m going to do my best!

I just started my second trimester on Saturday so this is recapping weeks 5-13.

I already included how we found out and how I told my husband in my last post, Frequently Asked Questions so check that out if you missed it and want to know the answers to those questions. This test above was actually the second test I took. After taking the first one we wanted to check again just to be sure and sure enough we got this “YES” from our second as well!


Hmm this has been the hardest one to put into words. We found out I was pregnant exactly at our 5 week mark. For that next week I felt mostly fine. I was super tired and started not wanting coffee but other than that I was okay. Once I hit 6 weeks I wouldn’t say I really had much nausea but it’s really hard to explain how I was feeling. I had strong food aversions and just a general upset stomach for the most part. I drank ginger ale daily until probably about 8-9 weeks, which actually helped a ton.

My biggest and most prominent symptom though was fatigue. All I ever had the energy to do was lay in bed all day. I rarely ever did anything productive and it was a rough adjustment. The good thing was that we were staying with my mom so there wasn’t as much to be done as if we still were living in our old apartment.

Honestly other than that though the first trimester wasn’t too eventful for me. I always considered myself lucky because I knew that there were other women who were throwing up multiple times a day. I was just so happy not to be one of them. I did throw up once though around week 10 or 11. It was late at night and I think my dinner just didn’t sit right in my stomach. But like I said other than that it wasn’t too bad!

Food Aversions:

I really never wanted to eat meat especially chicken. There was actually chicken in the dinner that I ended up throwing up too funny enough. Every once in a while I could stomach some ground beef or steak but it usually had to be mixed with other things like tacos or something like that. I also really didn’t want coffee and barely drank it at all in my first trimester. I probably had about 5 cups total. This was the strangest thing to me because I am a die-hard coffee fan. It has been weird not craving it as usual.


Everything carbs. I basically survived off of pasta. I already love pasta to begin with but oh my, pasta has been (and still is) my BFF the past couple of months. I also really loved mashed potatoes and really any kind of chips. Oh and of course french fries.


My sleep has been rough ever since finding out. It’s been so hard to get comfortable, which I know is only going to get worse and worse as the weeks go by. I also have been having I guess some form of insomnia where I’ll wake up in the middle of the night either because I have to pee or just because and not be able to go back to sleep for an hour or two. That’s been pretty rough but it could also be worse so I’m not complaining!

Weight Gain: 

So far I’ve only gained about 2 pounds.

Doctors Appointments: 

We actually have had 3 ultrasounds already since we opted for the Nuchal Translucency test as well and it’s been so fun to have seen the baby so much already. We unfortunately won’t see the baby until week 20 (when we find out the gender!) and then maybe not again until the baby is born. The doctors appointments have gone really smoothly though and everything seems to be progressing just as it should. Thank God for a healthy babe!

That’s really it! Those are the main things at least. Let me know if you have any more questions, I’d love to answer them. And just for fun, I’m going to include my first bump shot at 6 weeks even though there is absolutely nothing to see it in!

I am planning on doing these update about once a week. I’d really love to do them every Monday since my weeks turn over on Saturdays but I’m a little worried I won’t have anything new to say each week so it might end up being every other week, but we’ll see! Thanks for following along on this exciting journey with us!

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