This post is for those of you who know how it feels to be anxious. Anxious about life. Anxious for no reason at all sometimes. This post is for those of you who want so badly to trust in God’s good promises for you, who want to experience the peace that Jesus offers – but just can’t seem to grab a hold of this peace and keep it in your hearts.

Instead you know how it feels to keep repeating the same anxious thoughts over and over again not sure how to make them stop.

“If only…”

“What if…”

Now I want to let you know I am no expert on this. I too struggle with grabbing a hold of the the peace that Jesus offers. I’m on the same journey as you but I want to share with you what God is teaching me along the way.

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes when I’m feeling anxious I think that I can figure out God’s plan if I think hard enough about my life. Now I realize how ridiculous this sounds admitting it but I’ve realized that that’s exactly what I am trying to do when I can’t stop my anxious heart from worrying.

Sometimes I even examine other people’s lives and think that I can figure out how God works.

So she grew up in a Christian home and has had a good life so far so ultimately something bad has to happen to her eventually, right?

Or, I’ve had a really good year.. that must mean that something bad is lurking around the corner…

Or, I better not enjoy this too much because then it might get taken away from me…

Just admitting those thoughts out loud and bringing them into the light makes me realize how ridiculously wrong they really are.

” He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.”

– Acts 1:7

This verse hit me hard when I read it today. No matter how hard I try to figure out what is going to happen, I simply cannot. It is not in my ability to do so. That again is reserved for God alone. Just like I mentioned in my post “If God’s Ways Are Higher Than Ours Why Does He Allow Bad Things To Happen To Us?”.

God must really be trying to tell me something huh? Our jobs aren’t to figure out our future, what might or might not happen. Our jobs aren’t to go over every bad thing that can happen to try to figure out how we are going to deal with them if they do.

Our jobs are to rest in His great love and provision for us. God is faithful guys. He promises to always meet our needs. That’s His job, not ours.

But more than that, let’s remember how good our God really is. What I’m learning is that this is at the root of our anxieties and worries – we do not ultimately believe that God is good…

And how wrong we are. God is really transforming my mind about who He is and the main thing that He’s showing me is that He is good! So good we can’t even fathom. If something bad is to happen to us, He’ll be there – every step of the way.

Holding us, loving us, and growing us.

We’re never alone, and never without what we need.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Pray that God will open your eyes to just how good He really is – it will rock your world.

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