Hi friends! I wasn’t planning on writing this post because I’m going to be sharing with you another post I wrote for a different site later on, buuuut I’m really loving both writing and reading Friday Favorite posts. So I figured I would just do both posts! 😉

Check back later on today for the link to my guest post about ways to practically cast your cares on God.

Friday Favorites

o n e

I’ve been experimenting with new recipes this week and this one was so. good. It was so healthy too. It was actually served with chicken as well, but I snapped this picture before putting the cooked chicken back into the pan because the colors just looked so pretty. The recipe can be found here. 🙂

This was the first time I cooked gnocchi and they are delicious! Especially paired with the tomatoes, they are seriously just too good.

t w o

I’ve been doing so much crocheting this week, it’s been great. This blanket that I’m working on here is almost done! I’m actually headed to Michael’s after I finish this post to buy more yarn for it. I’m going to be selling it on Etsy as soon as I get everything up and running. Don’t miss the launch date! I’d love to have you along for the journey, so follow me on my Etsy Instagram (@ashleyzincrochets). 🙂

t h r e e

I told ya I’ve been experimenting with different recipes this week. 😉 This one was honestly so good too. It’s a great swap for a high calorie side dish. The insides are filled with heavy cream, cheese, pepper, garlic, and a crumpled bouillon cube! So clever. This recipe can be found here.

f o u r

I recapped our honeymoon this week and it made me want to hop on a plane straight to the Caribbean so badly! That’s what living in New Jersey in March will do to you though, haha. I am so ready for warmer weather and beach days!

Tommy and I are making the drive from New Jersey to Florida two weeks from today though! I can’t complain too much about the weather since I’ll be in sunny Florida soon enough. 🙂

f i v e

I revamped my Pinterest account this week and I’d love it if you would follow along with me. I have created tons of fun boards that make me really excited – from Fitness Routines to Ways to Use Essential Oils. I also pin the recipes that I use throughout the week as well. I’m confident you can find something that will be useful. Leave a comment with your blog and Pinterest and I’d love to follow along with you too. 🙂

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