This is apparently becoming a little series that I think God wants me to document here and it’s becoming quite exciting to say the least. This is a continuation of sorts of basically my life lol but really what God is doing in my life.

I first wrote about what God was doing hereΒ (part 1) when I wrote about how God showed up in a huge way and started leading Tommy down the path of working with his dad, learning to weld. Then I wrote again in September on this subject hereΒ (part 2) and shared about when Tommy actually ended up working at the quarry with his dad at night! And now I’m back to share some more news on the subject because God is just too good and I need to make sure I never forget how He answered our prayers.

All that to say that Tommy’s dad let Tommy know yesterday that he should be able to start at the quarry at the end of the month! The waiting and praying is almost over and Tommy will finally be able to work full time with his dad (instead of just sometimes at night).

This is super exciting because now Tommy will be able to do something he really enjoys while also allowing us to save more money for the wedding. I can’t believe the first time we really talked about this was all the way back in July and it’s now finally coming to fruition. I’ve been praying for open doors since then and I’m so happy to see how God really cares and answers our prayers.

I’m so excited for Tommy to start on this new journey at the end of the month. If you wouldn’t mind, please pray for him to do well and to glorify God in the midst of the circumstances. We’re incredibly grateful for what He is doing in our lives.

PS. I thought I posted this yesterday but just found it in my drafts haha so enjoy πŸ™‚

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