Can I be honest and tell you guys that I actually really don’t like Valentines Day all that much? And not for the typical reasons. For three years in a row before I met my husband I was broken up with the week before Valentines Day – almost to the day. It’s like a cursed week for me when it comes to relationships, I just don’t get it haha. In turn this makes it a cursed holiday for me too, even though I’m married now and my husband isn’t going to “break up” with me.

But even still with not particularly loving Valentine’s Day, I’m not opposed to my husband showing me he loves me on this day. I’m also not against showing him that I care about him either. So if you’re still looking for some ways to show your significant other you care that won’t break the bank or take too long to prepare, rest assured I have some ideas for us!


\\ 1 \\ Leave love notes around the house.

Tommy did this for me once and it was so fun and special to come home and find little notes that made me smile all over the house.


// 2 // Make him his favorite dinner.

This is one of my favorite ways to show Tommy that I care. It’s an obvious one I think but it really does show you care because you are going out-of-the-way to prep and cook something that is special to him. Bonus points if you cook him something that you don’t particularly love!


\\ 3 \\ Suggest to join him to do his favorite hobby.

When we do this we are really speaking to their love language because men feel really connected to someone when they are sharing a mutual interest. For Tommy this would be skateboarding or working out with him. But it could be as easy as suggesting to watch his favorite movie with him too.


// 4 // Set up a scavenger hunt with a gift at the end or even just some treats.

Scavenger hunts are just really fun and I think anyone would appreciate the thought that goes into setting them up. If you got a gift for your boyfriend/husband you can have the scavenger hunt lead to the gift, otherwise make some cookies or cupcakes or even just buy some candy and put a box of candy at each hiding place. I don’t know any man who doesn’t love sweet treats!


\\ 5 \\ Go on a blindfold date

Tommy and I did this once and it was so much fun. Tell him to put a blindfold on and start driving and whenever you get to a stop sign ask him to tell you which way to go and whenever he decides to tell you guys to stop, have a date there! It’s super fun and definitely a break in routine if you guys always go to the same places all the time and want to switch things up a bit.

I think that any of these things will really show your boyfriend/husband that you care and they’re perfect for just adding to whatever you already have planned for tonight. What are some of your last-minute ideas to show that you care? I’m always looking for new ways to show Tommy I care. 🙂

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  • Nicki

    I really like the blindfold dates idea!