I am so excited about today’s topic. I have been wanting to do a home tour since we moved into our apartment but I never felt that it was ready. I still don’t but it’s come a long way since we moved in so I thought nows as good a time as ever so… Welcome to our home!


If you walked in this is what you would see. Most of the decorations I’ve used actually came from our wedding and a lot of them are homemade so they are really sweet reminders for me.


I am still in love with that coffee cart and am so glad we bought. Also pictured is my desk that I (try to) spend my mornings reading my bible and journaling but don’t always make it.


This would be our kitchen. It’s not very big but it’s just what we need.


And lastly, our dining room. We bought that table when we moved in and we absolutely love it. It’s so cute and the perfect addition to our little space and it fits our style so well. The cards hanging above it are from our wedding and the banner is also decoration from our wedding. Oh and those are my wedding flowers. Did I mention that all the decorations in the apartment are from the wedding? 😉

So this is our home and my favorite part is who I spend it with. A huge shout out to my husband for helping me straighten up so I can take these pictures- you’re the best 🙂

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  • Aw I love your kitchen and dining room! We have a few decorations from our wedding too, and you’re right, it does leave a sweet reminder of one of the happiest days 🙂

    • ah thank you! right? I love having the reminders 🙂