This winter is going to be a long one, I can feel it already. The shorter days already have me looking forward to Spring because winter can be a depressing time sometimes. This winter I want to be proactive about fighting against those feelings of sadness and try my best to enjoy this season. I decided to make  a list to get me through this winter – and maybe even enjoy it too!

  • Consistently work out – those endorphins are a great way to fight back against the dreariness of this season
  • Be social – it’ll be hard to be sad if I’m constantly with people I love
  • Go ice skating
  • Read a lot
  • Drink lots of hot cocoa
  • Journal your feelings
  • Make lots of yummy warm soups
  • Remind yourself that this season won’t last forever

What are some things that help you get through the winter? Do you struggle like me to stay motivated and happy when the coldness sets in?

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