There are SO many changes happening this month I can’t even wrap my mind around them all. Next Monday is my last day here at Hudson City. My last day after 5 1/2 years of working here. It’s such a weird feeling and I honestly don’t even know how to feel. I’m excited for the next chapter of my life but also anxious and sad to leave behind what I know now. I went for a job interview yesterday and I think it went well but it’s only a temporary job, which is really disappointing. I really wanted to FINALLY after all of this going on with the merger have a job that was PERMANENT. But honestly I am okay with it at the same time (that is if I get it, I may be jumping ahead of myself). I know that God has taken care of me this far and if this is His plan then I can trust it too. I can let go of my need to have control and certainty and trust that He knows what’s best. Hopefully it’ll turn into a permanent position (again that is if I get it) and if not I know that He will take care of me another way.

ALSO the best part of this post – TOMMY FINALLY GETS TO WORK WITH HIS DAD IN TWO WEEKS. We’ve been waiting and praying for this for what feels like forever. We both have had out doubts over the past year whether this was what God was doing and if He was going to continue opening the doors here and IT FINALLY HAPPENED and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m so happy for Tommy and all the success he’s going to have because of this job. I know he’s going to do so well and learn so much and I’m just so thankful that I’m the one who gets to be by his side through it all. Again I’m a little nervous about the changes, just because I’m someone who thrives on routine and get a little anxious when it changes (even when it’s a great change like this). But I am far more excited for Tommy than I am nervous. This job is going to be so good for him.

If you’ve missed my past posts about what God has been doing through this you can check that out here, here, and here. I talk about all the changes that Tommy and I have been through regarding this job and waiting on God through it all. I also talk about how God has opened doors for us even when we felt like they were slammed shut for good.

When I was thinking about all that God is doing and is about to do this month regarding both mine and Tommy’s jobs I can’t help but worship Him. It’s crazy to me that we’re both stopping our current job now this month, together and Tommy’s finally starting what He has wanted to do for so long. When I was thinking all this over I couldn’t help but sing about how overwhelmed I am by God’s love.

Here’s to new changes and the unknown. I’m ready for you. (I think).

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