I had scheduled to write this post today since the beginning of the month. It turns out that today is actually the perfect day to write it. I’m actually so excited too! Let me explain.

This month has been rough so far. I’ve been doubting my plan to try to make a living from working at home like a lot. I have been so worried that we weren’t going to have enough money to pay the bills and thought that I had chosen the wrong path, and that I should just go back to work. I have been so worried about how other people were going to see me that I haven’t had the motivation to really put too much effort into this plan.

But something shifted in me the past two days and I honestly really believe that this is possible again. I actually believe it now more than I did when I first made the plan. A lot of that definitely has to do to my husband’s hard work and support of my dreams. He has been working so, so hard (like working the past 3 Saturdays) and has been able to pay all of our monthly bills plus some medical bills that we’ve been putting off for quite some time now. I am so in awe of both God’s provision and my husband’s will to walk in it. Every time I get down about this plan that we made, about me staying home, my husband has shown me that he 100% believes that I can do this and that makes all the difference for me to persevere through the times that I don’t believe that I can do this. I have without a doubt borrowed his faith some days.

I also have been doing a ton of research about blogging and starting an Etsy shop (because that’s my next step!) and am learning so much. I’m learning different ways of how other people have become successful and adopting them as my own. The most exciting part about all of this is that I’m really passionate about these things. I love showing up and interacting with whoever may be reading this. I’m also so excited to start my own Etsy shop and be able to bless others in that way. I wanted to share with you guys an entry that I wrote in my journal from the beginning of the year where I had just decided to quit my job a week or so before and really had no idea where God was leading me. I believe that this is where it all started, God really showed me that he was about to take me down a path that I never could have dreamed of, and that this is only just the beginning.

January 9, 2017

In Isaiah 28, if I am understanding correctly, God is talking to a land or people (Ephraim and Judah) and is saying how that land was supposed to be “the resting place” but they would not listen. God gets angry because of this and punishes them. It shows me that there really is a time and place for rest. This season, although it can be challenging, is teaching me that. Sometimes I feel like I am just being lazy or am too broken right now and that’s why God has me home. But then I remember he has me home because he is teaching me here and is showing me it is okay to chase my dreams… wow!

I remember writing that last sentence and almost not believing it or why I was writing it, which is one of the reasons why I added wow to the end, haha! God was only just introducing this idea to me and I was a little afraid to believe him honestly, but the more I walk in this path, the more I really believe that he really is showing me it’s okay to chase my dreams. I don’t want this to sound too preachy and weird, but I’m writing this to encourage anyone else who might feel like God is nudging them to do something that just seems crazy. There’s so much more to my story that shows that God had his hand all over this and that I couldn’t have made it up myself. I’ll have to try my best to try to share the rest of the story if you’re interested. If you can relate to this at all, leave a comment or send me an email and let me know how I can be praying for you. I know how tough taking that first step but I want you to be encouraged that if God is with me through this, he will be with you too! It’s okay to chase your dreams!

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  • Hannah

    I am so happy that you are able to chase your dream and you have the support you do! Keep going! I love love love your blog!
    Recently God has been working in me too showing me that he will provide and has a purpose that I can be confident in.

    • It’s so scary sometimes but he really does always provide!! The first step is usually the hardest! Let me know how I can be praying for you. 🙂

  • Your excitement shines through your writing. Can’t wait to see where God takes your dreams.

  • Becca Starks

    Wow!!! You spoke right to my heart and situation!! I lost my fancy dream career in December and God has been telling me to be still. Thank you for confirmation of it not being lazy to rest. It’s obedience. I’d love to hear your story and journey this season with you!

    • That’s so cool that you’re going through something similar!! It really felt like I was the only one, haha! I actually quit my job in December so we’re right around the same timeline. Let me know how I can pray for you!

  • molly

    thank you for sharing your heart… it is very inspiring…and I am trying to follow my dreams…. but I get the crazy scary part!

    • Hi Molly! Following our dreams really can be scary! I definitely have my doubts some days!! But God is so much bigger than our dreams and will always lead us down the right path!

  • Bella

    I’m so thankful that I’ve discovered your blog, I find it very encouraging. Keep following this dream! It may not make sense to some people, but you have a calling from God and it’s wonderful your husband is supportive. I look forward to reading more!

    • Hi Bella! It means more to me than you know to hear that my blog is encouraging to you. That’s honestly the sole reason why I write it. Thanks so much for the encouragement! <3

  • As an older woman, I have learned that we need to give ourselves – and God- more credit for our hopes, dreams and creativity. Thanks! Lovely look on your blog.

    • Thank you!! “We need to give ourselves and God more credit for our hopes, dreams, and creativity.” I love that so much. It’s so true!

  • Paige Downey

    I love this! I love your blog and I definitely think you are going to do amazing things with it! I have such a hard time following God’s plans and little instructions some times but I know it is so important to focus on His plans for us! Thank you for posting! 💗

    • Thanks so, so much Paige!! I also have a hard time, and usually put off listening to God for so long, as hard as that is to admit. But I want to get better!