Hey guys! I wanted to drop by today and share just a little bit about what’s been going on in my life lately. It has been such a whirlwind since finding out I’m pregnant. I’ve always wanted to be one of those bloggers who almost always blogs consistently no matter what is going on in their life, but honestly that just isn’t me. I want to get better about blogging when things get crazy but I’m also learning to give myself grace when that doesn’t happen.

What have we been up to?

Pregnancy has completely rocked my world. And honestly I would describe my pregnancy as relatively easy and everything has gone as smooth as smooth goes. I am so very thankful for this and consider it a huge blessing from God. But can I be honest with you guys? The pregnancy was a complete surprise to us! It was a great surprise but a HUGE surprise nonetheless. It also came at a time where we were adjusting to living with my mom and family and it was just hard to find my footing in all of the newness.

I can honestly say that I am just now after 3 months of getting used to the idea of having a baby that it is starting to feel real. I’ve had a really hard time I guess believing that this was all really happening. Pregnancy also flips your world upside down because you just don’t feel like yourself for such a long time. I am just now starting to feel “normal”.

It helps a lot that we finally are almost completely settled into our new place. It’s been such a great thing to finally have our own space again and has honestly been so life-giving for me and I think Tommy too. I have a little bit more unpacking to do and also need to get things hung on the walls, but it’s almost there.

What is my blogging schedule going to look like?

I’m not sure exactly how blogging is going to go going forward but I definitely want to start writing and showing up here more often. Even if this place only becomes a place to document our life I’ve decided to just be okay with that. I love being able to look back into years ago and see how our life was when we were just dating – it’s so special! I fully plan to keep this place going and even more so once the baby comes. I know I’ll just have to get even better at prioritizing it though because I’m about to have so much less time but that’s okay!

What does the next month look life for us?

I am super excited for August! We are going on vacation in about two weeks and I can’t wait. We are going to the beach for 5 days and it’s going to be so great. We also have our anatomy scan on the 21st and I still haven’t figured out exactly how we are going to be finding out the gender but just know that we definitely are. I’m so excited to finally know and to start working on the nursery!

So that’s really all we’ve been up to lately. Getting used to the idea of having a baby and moving. I’m glad to (hopefully) be back more often. Thanks for sticking around and celebrating with us. 🙂


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  1. Bella

    July 25, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Congratulations once again! Remember to show yourself grace with your blogging schedule. My favourite blogs aren’t the ones that seem to have it all together, but the ones that are honest and real.

    1. Ashley Zinhobl

      July 31, 2017 at 1:13 pm

      Thanks so much Bella! You’re so right too. My favorite bloggers are the authentic ones, not the ones who always post consistently or have it all together.

  2. Rob Bear

    July 26, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Glad to know you’re doing well in the early stages of your pregnancy. Happy and healthy are so important. I did not know you had been living with your folks. I’m sure they love you to bits, but that’s not really home any more, is it?
    Blessings to you and Tommy.

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