It has almost been a whole month since I’ve shown up here and that makes my heart so sad. I’ve missed sharing my life with whoever may be reading along and let me tell you there has been a lot going on to write about. But that’s also the problem… there’s no time to write lol. So tonight I figure it has been long enough and I need to update you all on what’s going on!

  • So first things first – TOMMY AND I HAVE OUR OWN PLACE!! That’s honestly been the biggest reason why I haven’t had the time to blog. We moved in last Tuesday and I have been spending literally almost all of my waking moments (when I’m not at work or spending quality time with Tommy) working on making our apartment a home. I have to say to, I think I’ve done quite a good job with only being here for a week and a half. Here’s just a little bit of how it looks… I fully intend to do a home tour one day when it’s all finished though. I have absolutely loved reading others of those and decorating my own home has been some of the most fun I have ever had (but more on that later).

  • Second, we are exactly one month away from the wedding as of today!! I literally can’t believe that it’s almost here and I cannot wait. We only really have small things to pull together now but I only have three weekends before the wedding. Three. My feelings are literally all over the place. I just cannot wait to be Mrs. Zinhobl (insert heart eyes here) and get to relax on the beach with my new husband. Just 30 more days.
  • As I mentioned before I have been working on making our apartment our home and have absolutely loved doing DIY projects. I made the most adorable wreath for our door and Tommy and I are making a bookshelf which I’ll share once were done.

Z wreath

  • I still intend to share our engagement pictures with you all. I’m working on finding a good time to blog. With my new job I’m working 9 hour days, which I am so not used to and it honestly drains me so by the time I get home all I want to do is relax on the couch. But I’m also hating not having any free time so I’m working on finding a time to do things for myself like blogging or reading. Once things aren’t so busy with the wedding and moving in and all that it should be easier. I woke up early to workout one day last week before work and it was really awesome. I plan to make better use of my mornings starting next week but that means I really need to start getting to bed earlier, which is difficult for me. I want to use mornings to blog as well. I want to keep this little space up to date with things that are going on in my life so I have it to look back on, especially in our first year of marriage.
  • So there’s a short recap of where I’m at. God is seriously so faithful and I am in awe of how perfectly He has orchestrated this all and I have never been happier in my life. I will leave you with another one of my favorites from our engagement session but I do promise that eventually I will do a post on them!!

So tell me – what’s been going on in your life?? I’d honestly love to know!!

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  • Great Post 👍

  • Congrats on moving out! The kitchen looks nice. I understand the stress of moving out, it can take a lot of time to move things in and make it feel like home.

    • Thank you!! It can be stressful but it’s super fun too! I’ve been following along with your blog too and see that you’ll be moving soon. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.