Do you ever have those days where you woke up but didn’t really wake up? Some days I just wake up extra tired and never get to experience that alert feeling after having my morning coffee. Today is for sure one of those days. I feel like I have fog brain and I can’t really concentrate on anything. Happy Monday to me haha.

So instead of working I’ve spent the morning doing the following:

  • Searching Craigslist for a Jeep for Tommy
  • Catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed from what I’ve missed over the weekend
  • Rereading posts from one of my favorite bloggers
  • Texted Tommy about said Craigslist searching
  • Worried about where I was going to work after March 14, if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this post here– if you’re interested
  • Also worried what people are going to think about another decision that I will have to make soon

I know I’m making this day sound way worse than it is haha I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to though. Overall I have no real complaints, but sometimes (most times) Mondays are just hard. Though if you ask my boyfriend he’ll say Wednesday’s are harder. No way Jose.

This Monday may be particularly harder though because I’m coming back from such a great weekend. I shared Saturday about my awesome day and yesterday I had a long and relaxing day with Tommy. How are your Monday’s going? Are they as rough as mine? (At least we have off this week for Thanksgiving!!) 🙂

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