Hi friends. I’m currently working on having a more regular posting schedule but it’s been hard because as of right now I just write when I have something to write about. Setting up a schedule means that I will have to intentionally know what I want to write about in advance. It won’t be as sporadic and I would need real “topics” to write on. As of right now all I post about really is my relationship with Jesus and my relationship with Tommy. And while I love posting about those things, I feel like they can get boring for my readers and I want to add in more topics that I would like to write about but that will also be interesting for you guys to read.

I’m currently going through an online blogging course that’s meant to help with these types of things like finding where my passions are and figuring out a writing schedule. What I desire for this space is for it to be a place where you all can come and read my posts and feel like you aren’t alone. My desire – and I’ve found that it’s many bloggers’ desire as well – is for this to be a place where you feel loved and accepted for who you are. I want to come across as authentic and real and I want it to be a place where you feel welcome and free to be open with your struggles.

I also desire for this to be a place where I can document my life and share my passions with you all – in hopes that we can help and encourage each other to keep going deeper with them – especially in our relationships with Jesus.

What’s stopping me from completely developing this place to be what I want it is be is because I feel that I first have to “reach a certain milestone” before I can really start to share with you all how these things are going. But what I realized today is that I don’t have to have it all together before sharing with you guys different parts of my life. From today going forward I’m going to start sharing different parts of me with you and not waiting until I feel that they are ready to be presented.

Some things that I desire to write about but haven’t felt like I was able to yet are: fitness, clean eating,Β and DIY projects. I haven’t felt like I could write about them because I haven’t officially started working out or eating the way I want to yet or even attempted any DIY projects so I felt that there wasn’t much to share. But I want to involve you guys in the process, from the beginning and not just when it’s all going as planned. So starting from today I’m going to start sharing where I’m at in these journeys and I’m going to stop believing the lie that everything has to be perfect before I can share.

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