I had a different post planned for today but my brain is all over the place (I’ll explain why below) so I can’t really think and put together a quality post like I originally wanted to.

o n e

I am going on a job interview on Monday!! I just got the call this morning and literally the whole morning I have been preparing for an interview. I haven’t ever gone on a “real” job interview so I’m pretty nervous. (Please pray for me!) I am being laid off in roughly a month so this job is so needed – especially seeing as Tommy and I are getting married in just about 3 months!!

t w o

Tommy and I attended our second community group meeting and I am honestly starting to really like it. I normally hate socializing and getting to know new people but God has really been opening my eyes as to why it is so important. I still have moments where I don’t want to go and get really scared to put myself out there but Tommy and I encourage each other and I’m honestly enjoying it more than I thought I would.

 t h r e e 


It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday! You guys obviously know that but I’m actually excited for the first time ever. Let me just let you in on a little bit of my dating background… for three years in a row I was broken up with literally the week before Valentine’s Day (i’m seriously not joking). Three years in a row. So like anyone else in the world who would find themselves in that position, I hated Valentine’s Day and decided that I just never wanted to celebrate it. Last year Tommy wanted to make up for all my prior years and he made me dinner and it was really sweet. This year I have even higher expectations (probably not good haha) but he’s planned something extensive it seems and I’m really excited to see what it is. I also planned something for him and I to do together as well. It’s should be really fun and I can’t wait.


f o u r

bahamas life guard chair

take me back to the bahamas plsssss

It is honestly way too cold around here for my liking. We had such a mild winter so far this year so now that it’s finally getting below 30 degrees I want to run to Florida and hide out until May. I’ve been dreaming about our last vacation to the Bahamas and cannot wait until we get to go to the Dominican Republic in May! Where are you summer??

f i v e


It’s exactly 100 days until Tommy and I get married! How exciting is that. There’s still a bunch of planning to be done since I have taken a little break. I’m honestly over all the planning and just want it to be here already.


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  • I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. You just had to find the right person to spend it with. 😉

    • Aw thank you, I had the best Valentine’s Day! And you are so right! 🙂 I hope you had a great one as well.