So just to keep you guys updated, I got back from the Bahamas Monday night at 12:30 pm and it was THE BEST vacation ever. It was so fun and I can’t wait to write a post about it but until then I’m linking up with Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog and attempting to blog every day in the month of September (long shot I think but still worth a try). Today’s topic is Your Ideal Day.

This post couldn’t have come at a better time because quite honestly I have been nothing but a crank-pot since I got back from vacation. Yesterday I was EXHAUSTED from driving home from Pittsburgh (more on that later) and I felt like a zombie and today I think I’m just readjusting to being back in the real world after 5 days away and let me tell you, it is rough.

But enough on that, now it’s time to think of wonderful things that make me happy so without further ado here’s:
My Ideal Day:

So on an ideal day my morning would start out very slowly because I am not a morning person (just ask my boyfriend ;)). I would have time to wake up at my own pace and have time no real duties to attend to all day. I would love to spend time at my desk, with the curtains open and the sunshine shining in. I would have a beautifully scented candle lit, right now something autumn-y would be perfect (so excited for fall to be starting btw). I would have a delicious cup of coffee and would be spending alone time with Jesus to set my heart on Him for the rest of the day.

quiet time


In an ideal world I would live only minutes from the beach so for the early afternoon, Tommy and I would head to the beach to spend some quality time in the sun together 🙂

tommy bahamas

sneak peak from the Bahamas!


At night I would go for a target run with my best friend Kristin, and have one of our awesome life talks while we do it. I would be enjoying a nice cup of tea too. At home I would enjoy baked ziti for dinner with Tommy and our amazzzing dessert that we can’t get enough of – recipe is here if you wanna try too :). Afterwards we would cuddle and enjoy whatever show we are currently addicted to on Netflix until we fell asleep.

pic collage 2

And that would be it. It may sound unexciting and very simple but I tend to be a very simple girl and the little things are what make me happiest – like a delicious cup of coffee, my sweet boyfriend, a lovely trip to target, and a warm cup of tea.

What about you guys? What would be a perfect day in your life? Are you simple like me or would you enjoy way more excitement or adventure in your ideal day? I would love to know 🙂

Also, join me and attempt to blog every day in September! (This post is already a day late haha I started it last night but got busy so I finished it this morning.. oops)

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