Hey friends! Today is a special and exciting day because I’m going to be sharing how I became a Christian. I’ve been meaning to do this on my blog for years and years. To be honest, I haven’t because I am self-conscious about my testimony. But I know how important it is to share My Story so I will do so anyway so that God can be glorified. Here’s it is.

To give you a little bit of a background, I did not grow up in a Christian home. My mom goes to church now, but didn’t for most of my life. Her sister, my Aunt Denise and her husband, my Uncle Hus are Christians and are the reason that I know Jesus today. They attended church every Sunday, and made it a rule that anyone who stayed over their house on a Saturday night had to go to church with them the next day.

Thank God for that rule.

Because of this rule, I was at church on one particular morning when there was a guest speaker there. I was 14 if I am remembering correctly, and honestly don’t remember too much about that day. The speaker was known for being amazing in the fact that he was able to prophesy very easily. This is why he went around and spoke at different churches. He was known for this.

So on that morning the only thing I actually really remember is him asking everyone to stand up and was saying that he was going to bring healing to many. He told everyone to think just about what their greatest desire was at that point in time. He then proceeded to point around the room (there was probably 500 people there) and call out different people’s desires and pray specifically for their healing.

He started on the far side of the room from where I was standing, and worked his way over to my side. When he got to my side, he called out the exact desire of my heart! He asked that if he called one out that you raise your hand so that he could pray for you. What he said was something along the lines of, “Someone over there has a real desire to be loved and known”.

Oh my gosh you guys, it sounds so simple and silly almost but he spoke the exact words that I was thinking in my head. I literally just froze and knew that this was God. Thank God there was a boy in front of me who seemed to also have the same desire who raised his hand. I literally could not move. So the pastor prayed for anyone who felt those feelings, which included me as well. God used this man to show me that He sees me. He knows me. And He loves me. On that day, I knew that there was a God out there and that I could call him mine. From that day forward I considered myself a Christian because I knew I wanted to be associated with this God.

The interesting part to my story is that I didn’t go to church every week after this or even read my Bible. I was 14 and still lived in a home where nobody were Christians. I had only been to church a handful of times with my cousins, and didn’t even know what my next steps were supposed to be.

The beauty of that season of my life was I felt absolutely no pressure to perform for God. I didn’t even know He expected anything from me so from that day forward I called myself His and that was enough for me.

Over the next few years though, I would come to learn more and more about who He is and how to follow Him and those truths wouldn’t make me anymore of a Christian than I was those years that I did nothing but call myself His. But those truths would bring me into more freedom and joy as I lived them out.

Welp, that’s it. I can’t believe that I waited this long to share my story, but I’m so glad that I did. If you are comfortable enough, I would love to hear yours as well! Email me 🙂


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  • Your testimony is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. I love the part about not feeling pressure to perform for God and just resting in the fact you are his! That’s truth we all need to hear.

    • Ah thank you Charlie! I’m glad it was encouraging to someone. I’ve been really self-conscious about sharing it. I love the part about not performing also because it’s something I struggle with now! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. 🙂

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Ashley! Thanks for sharing your testimony – I love reading how God works in the lives of others. As I was reading your story, it reminded me of 1 Corinthians 3:6-9. It sounds like you had some great role models in your life planting the seeds that God would then use for His glory! Keep sharing your faith and this testimony – God is using you!

    • Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for the encouragement! It is appreciated so much. <3