I did a lot better with my goals this month than I normally do and I think a huge help of that was by hanging them right next to my bed along with a blank calendar so I can write which days I do what. It helps me to actually see my process and plan to do that again this month. So lets recap my October goals.

  1. Read God’s word every day this month. I think I missed one day so that’s a win to me.
  2. Workout 2-3 times a week. I’d say I did way better at this but not completely there yet. The first two weeks I worked out twice but the last two weeks not at all. Getting there!
  3. Read more!! So excited about this one too. I realized that working through my lunch every day was causing me to burn out by Wednesday usually so I started taking a half an hour lunch and reading and it has been awesome this week. I also have read at night some nights instead of turning to Netflix.
  4. Cook more nutritious meals. I bought this meal plan for the month of November and have used that and also cooked some other healthy meals too. Could have done a little better on this though.
  5. Be more social. We had plans for two weeks to hang out with my cousin and her boyfriend and we also went to a wedding this month too!
  6. Clean out our closet.
  7. Redo the gallery wall. Loved how this came out. See above. 🙂
  8. Make a fall wreath. I’m crossing this off not because I did it, but because I realized I want to buy one instead. I might even just wait until next year because I already bought a Christmas wreath and plan on hanging that the day after Thanksgiving so really what’s the point in spending money on another wreath for about 20 days.
  9. Go apple picking. YES. This was such a sweet time with my husband. Check out my post about it, here.

November Goals

  1. Attend our new community group for the whole month.
  2. Read God’s word every day.
  3. Workout in some way 2-3 times a week.
  4. Celebrate our first married Thanksgiving.
  5. Redo the floors in my moms house.
  6. Go on our weekend getaway to Maryland!
  7. Order our Christmas cards!
  8. Buy TV stand for living room.
  9. Get back into reading, read one book.
  10. Stay off of social media on my phone.
  11. Clean out closets.
  12. Blog once a week.
  13. Study 1 Corinthians w Tommy every week.
  14. Do our couples devotional once a week.
  15. Start Christmas shopping/make a budget for how much we can spend on gifts.
  16. Continue taking at least a half an hour lunch at work.
  17. Decorate for Christmas! 🙂
  18. Chop down our own Christmas tree.

So I clearly have lofty goals for November. Let’s see how much I can get done! What are your November goals?!

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