Yesterday marked one whole year of marriage for me and my husband. I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since the day we stood in front of our friends, family, and God and promised to always put each other first. We promised to love and respect each other and to always point each other towards God.

These are heavy promises and not ones that one should take lightly. I don’t believe that either of us has but can I say that we have always done this throughout our marriage? Of course not.

This past year has been hard, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. I am nowhere near the same person today as I was last year when I promised forever to my best friend. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

There have been many changes and challenges over the course of a year, but none that I would ever wish didn’t happen because they brought us so much closer. We have learned what it means to truly means what it means to put each other’s needs over our own and just how hard that really is.

I love my husband now even more than I did on the day I married him, even though I didn’t think that was possible then. I love watching him grow in his faith. I love watching him learn more and more what it means to be a husband and putting that into practice. I am so proud of who he has become and I cannot wait to see how much more he grows in the years to come.

Marriage is hard, yes, but oh so beautiful. It’s fighting through the challenges together to show one another that this love is worth it. At the end of the day, no matter how hard marriage gets, it will always one hundred percent be worth it to get to spend each day experiencing life with the best friend I’ll ever have.

Happy Anniversary Tommy, I love you!

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