As I’ve mentioned here before, mine and Tommy’s birthdays are just one day apart. His is January 21st and mine is January 22nd. It’s been a fun three years as we have gotten to have two full days of celebration together. This year I wanted to recap our birthdays to have it here for memories mostly, but also so you can peek into our lives and learn a little bit more about us. We are both admittedly introverts so low-key, simple birthdays are usually how we celebrate and honestly is all that we both really want. I debated on not doing this also because I don’t have pictures from either day (blogger fail, I know), but both days were special and fun so I think that will be enough to keep you entertained, whoever may be reading this. 😉 Oh and this year both our birthdays fell on the weekend so that was extra special and fun!

Saturday, Tommy’s Birthday

A picture from our first birthdays together three years ago

Saturday morning we slept in a little bit because we stayed up until midnight (which is very unlike Tommy), mostly so I could wish Tommy a happy birthday when it turned twelve. We woke up and I made us one of Tommy’s favorite breakfasts, Acai Bowls. Then we spent a lot of the day just relaxing, watching Parenthood, our new favorite show. We had it planned to go out and buy Tommy a pair of shoes (my birthday present to him), so we headed off to the mall around three.

We unfortunately didn’t find any shoes that Tommy liked, except for one pair but the store didn’t have his size. The mall we were at had a Michael’s (craft store), near it so we went to that afterward because I wanted to see if they had any porcelain paint.

After that I had planned for us to go to a skate park because we were experiencing abnormally high temperatures for New Jersey in January, and Tommy’s favorite thing to do is really anything active, and he loves skateboarding. He also had just gotten a new skateboard for Christmas. So we drove to a skate park and he got to skate around while I set in the car and watched vlogs (lol).

Once we headed back home I made Tommy one of his favorite meals, Sweet and Sour Chicken (pictured above), and a yummy dessert that we had made before and he really liked. It was a nice and quiet day, but was still really fun. Oh and right before we fell asleep, I had checked the website of the store where we had found the shoes that he liked and ordered them in his size! He was really excited.

Sunday, My Birthday

A picture of us from my birthday last year

On my birthday we woke up somewhat early to go to church. Right when we woke up Tommy gave me my present. (He was super excited about it since he bought it.) There was a pretty good reason why he was too because he bought me a digital camera! Best. gift. ever. I’ve been wanting one probably ever since I was little but even more so now so I can take nice pictures for my blog. Oh and I have to share the first picture I took with my camera of course! (Sorry it’s blurry, he moved.)

so cute 🙂

So anyway after I opened up my gift we got ready and had it planned to go to a new church to see how we liked it. We drove there for the first time and loved it. It is much smaller than the church we attend normally so we decided that we were going to go back the following week and see how we liked it a second time (but are pretty sure we are going to switch to this church).

After church, we went home and hung out. I played with my new camera and watched more vlogs, while Tommy watched videos on his computer. For dinner we went to Olive Garden and had a really nice dinner together. It had been a while since we had gone out to dinner so it was extra special. It was a really nice first married birthday.

So that’s what we did on our birthdays. They were nice and quiet days, getting to do things that we really enjoyed doing. What more could we ask for! How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday? Going all out? Or something simple and quiet like us?

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