“While I was working at my Mortgage Servicing job, I was promoted to the supervisor position while still going to school full-time at night and online. It was a little tiring but I’ve always been an overachiever and loved to keep busy. I never really felt anxious or too stressed, I simply did what I had to do.

They both were great jobs and I enjoyed working at them and honestly, I was good at them as well! Up until I got married, then something in me shifted and I just couldn’t focus on work anymore. Instead I was so anxious most days I had such a hard time concentrating on working at all, which was weird for me because I was usually very good at handling stress and a lot of pressure.”

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Yesterday I was able to guest post on an awesome website and community called Young Wives Club. Above is just an excerpt from my post. I go into much more detail about why I quit my job and the effect it has had on my marriage. Can you relate? Do you feel more of a tug to be at home or do you love working outside the house? I’d love to chat about it!

Bible Study Girls

It looks like Finding I AM – Bible Study Book: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart is the winner for our book! I am so excited!

How It’s Going To Work:
-Be sure to get your books by May 3rd. The first post about Chapter 1 will go live on May 10th.

-I am going to be using my Facebook page to send out any updates, so please make sure to like and follow along there so you don’t miss a thing!

-If you want an email buddy, please contact me in some way, either by commenting here or emailing me. The email buddy will serve as a smaller place to process what you are learning. You can answer the questions together or just share how you are feeling about the study together.

-If you don’t want an email buddy and just want to join in on the study, that’s okay too! Every Wednesday, starting on May 10th, I am going to be posting about anything that I’ve learned or answering the questions at the end of each chapter. On May 10th, it will be about chapter 1. I’m going to include a linkup as well so that we all can join in together and have community.

-The study looks more than doable, even if you happen to be super busy. It has four days a week where you participate in the study, with an optional 5th day. So doable and awesome.

-You can buy the book here: Finding I AM – Bible Study Book: How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart on Amazon, (affiliate link) or anywhere close to you that sells books, like a Barnes and Nobles! And it’s affordable, only about $15.

-If you don’t have a blog but want to join in with us, or do but want to share your experience on social media, use the hashtag #JesusSatisfiesUs. You can find me on Instagram at @ashleyzinhobl.

-I want this to be as encouraging as possible so there aren’t any rules or judgements on how much or how little you have read. Please feel free to join in even if you think you can only get to one out of the four days.

Please don’t forget to contact me if you want an email buddy! I am so excited about this and I have a feeling that this study is going to bring me a ton of healing, and hopefully to many of you as well!

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