Have you ever woken up and wondered how your life ever got to be where it is? Good or bad. I woke up thinking that what God has done in my life is honestly just too good to be true. I felt like someone was going to walk into my new apartment and tell me that the joke is over now and that I have to go back home. I’ve been so excited to move out and get married and now that God is actually allowing it to happen it honestly feels too good to be true.

Tommy and I had a long conversation after that about faithful God has been through this whole situation. I remember a time when we would sit and talk about how we needed God to show up when we told our friends and families about getting engaged. We really needed their support through it all and every single one of our friends and family members were so excited for us and that was only the beginning.

Next came Tommy’s job. We prayed and wished for almost a year for Tommy’s dad to get him a job at the quarry where him and his brother work as welders. We knew that this was an essential part of Tommy and I being able to provide for ourselves. We knew that God would provide for us but we were worried it might be in a different way than we were envisioning for ourselves. So we prayed and hoped that this was the way that God was leading us and it turned out that we were right and that it was where God was leading us and it’s been amazing to see God open those doors for Tommy.

Just when you think it’s over and that God did enough amazing things, He even blessed my work search. I was laid off in March and also knew that I needed to find a job so that we could continue to save for the wedding and to eventually be able to provide for ourselves when we moved out. It only took about a month of looking and I found a job – that paid more than my last one. It is only a temporary job but it’s just what I needed at the time and for that I am forever grateful. I know that when it comes time to look for another job again, when this assignment is over that He will provide in just the right way that our new little family needs.

And so with all that being said maybe others can see why I feel that my life is just too good to be true. I want to tell everyone I meet how faithful God is and to know that He can and will do this for others too because He loves and cares for us. What about you guys? Has God ever shown up in such a way that you couldn’t believe that this was your life? Or do you have trouble believing that God could care about you in this way like I once did?

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  • Things have change so much for my husband and i God has brought us from addiction 4years ago and we have never looked back we have so much to be thankful for our jobs, our lives we thamk god for everything we have and keeps on giving us everyday.We are un such a better place in our lives and ao much to be thankful for i thank God everyday..

    • That’s so awesome! God seriously does some amazing things, I really can’t get over it. I’m so thankful too!