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Life Lately

Hi friends. I just wanted to drop by and share that I am still here and still pregnant. I have completely dropped the ball on the pregnancy updates as you probably know. I have been keeping track of my symptoms in my journal as I’ve been doing most of my pregnancy but have completely stopped taking bump shots. I honestly just cannot seem to remember to take them. Just to be completely transparent with you guys, most days I don’t  ...

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Currently, October 2017

Hey friends, I decided to skip over my bumpdate for this week and combine the last two weeks again because there’s not much to update as of right now! I haven’t done a “currently” post since April of this year and SO much has changed since then. (Moving out of our first apartment, finding out I’m pregnant, moving into our new apartment.) If you’re interested in what life was like back then, check that post  ...

Coffee Dates

Let’s Have Coffee | Vol. 12

If we were having coffee,Β I would ask you how you’ve been. Coffee dates are most certainly for catching up with friends and having real heart to hearts. Tommy and I have started going on more coffee dates and they have been wonderful. If we were having coffee,Β I’d ask how you are liking the seasons changing. I’d share that just recently (within the past few years) have really started to appreciate the fall. There’s  ...

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What’s Up Wednesday: August 2017

I am starting to find my groove with blogging again and I’m looooving it! Ever since taking the pressure off of myself to have “certain types” of posts, I feel a lot more joy when it comes to writing. Even if this blog only ever becomes a fun place to document our lives and share with my few blogging friends, that’s fine by me! Today I’m here to share about our month for What’s Up Wednesday! What  ...

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Let’s Have Coffee | Vol. 11

It has been way too long since I’ve sat down for a cup of coffee with you guys! In case you’re new here, I sit down and have a coffee date with my friends over at Erin’s blog. I’m a bit late to the link up this month but normally we meet every second Monday of each month. We just talk about whatever is on our hearts as if we were really having coffee together. We’d love for you to come join us! If we were having  ...

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Life Lately

Hey guys! I wanted to drop by today and share just a little bit about what’s been going on in my life lately. It has been such a whirlwind since finding out I’m pregnant. I’ve always wanted to be one of those bloggers who almost always blogs consistently no matter what is going on in their life, but honestly that just isn’t me. I want to get better about blogging when things get crazy but I’m also learning to  ...


Friday Favorites | Vol. 7

Hi friends! I’m back for the first time in a long time with Friday Favorites! I promise that soon enough I will be back to posting more regularly! Let’s recap what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks, shall we? Friday Favorites o n e Tommy and I have spent two out of the three weekends this month at the beach! We just drove down for a few hours and sat in the sun and read and it’s been so much fun. We were  ...

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Let’s Have Coffee | Vol. 10

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this linkup for 10 months! It’s my favorite linkup of the month that’s for sure! Let’s catch up this month over some coffee. πŸ™‚ If we were having coffee,Β I would share with you that I just love K cups and specifically the Starbucks Veranda blend ones. I had to take a bit of a break from coffee for the past few weeks and had my first real cup today and absolutely loved it. I also  ...


Friday Favorites | Vol. 6

Hi friends! I’m back again for Friday Favorites. The past two weeks have been an adjustment since we no longer have our own place until July 1st. We are currently living with my mom for a couple of months. But nevertheless there are still good things to be thankful for even during this time. Friday Favorites o n e We get to live with puppies again! I had a dog (Noelle, the one on the left) who I wasn’t able to bring with me when  ...

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Let’s Have Coffee | Vol. 9

It’s time for my favorite linkup of the month… our coffee date! This month has been filled with TONS of changes and has felt super long. Let’s jump right in. If we were having coffee,Β I would tell you that my husband and I have successfully moved out of our first apartment.Β It was hard and sad to say goodbye but definitely necessary. I was upset for the first week but have since gotten some closure and know it was the best  ...