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Baby Zin: 18 Week Bumpdate

Hi friends. I know this bumpdate is a bit late but that’s because we just got home from vacation yesterday! I am planning on doing a vacation recap also, maybe either later this week or early next week so be on the look out for thatΒ πŸ™‚. Size of the Baby: An artichoke – about 5.59 inches long. Total Weight Gain: 6lbs. Gender:Β We find out this Monday!! I’m still leaning more towards girl though. I will be surprised if  ...

Baby, Pregnancy

Baby Zin: 17 Week Bumpdate

Happy Monday friends! I’m back again with another bumpdate and I must admit that this week was probably the best week yet. I honestly can say that I feel the most back to myself so far. I love being able to be productive again and drinkΒ enjoy coffee! Size of the Baby: Pomegranate – about 5.12 inches Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds Gender:Β We find out two weeks from today! I think we have an official name if it’s a girl too!  ...

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Baby Zin – Frequently Asked Questions

Hi friends! Thank you so much or all the love and support from my post on Monday! I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about my pregnancy and all things related on the blog. It’s been so so hard to find things to write about because all I want to talk about is the biggest thing that’s going on in our life. So today I thought I’d share a little bit more about just that – Baby Zin! How far along are you? I am  ...