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Shane Thomas: One Month

Hi friends! Even though I’m a few days late with writing this post, I figured better late than never! I also have so many ideas for posts that I want to write but just have no time to write them now! I will get around to it eventually though. I’m still planning on sharing Shane’s nursery tour and my breastfeeding journey (so far). For today though let’s talk about how Shane’s been doing the past month. Size: At  ...


Baby Zin is finally here!

Shane Thomas Zinhobl finally joined our family last Friday after being 6 days late. His birth went super smoothly and we are now settling into life at home with a newborn. It has been the best and hardest week of my life that’s for sure, but I couldn’t be more in love with this precious gift God has graced us with. We are so undeserving but so very thankful he is ours. We love you so Baby Shane. I really want to write his birth  ...